Waterfed Tools and Poles


Wagtail JetStream2 Waterfed Microfibre Scrubber

JetStream2, a pivoting water-fed scrubber for water-fed pole work with water jets embedded above microfibre pad to rinse as you scrub, so there is no need to lift the tool off the window to rinse. This saves time and effort.

12 ZapBrush

12″ Water-fed, medium/hard bristle pivot head brush with 6 water jets set 5cm above brush without interference to agitating bristles.


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Wagtail 10M Water Fed Tubing with Connector

10 metres PVC tubing with hose connector for water fed cleaning.
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Wagtail Water Fed Forward Flipper 35cm

For flip mop or squeegee
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Wagtail Swayless Stackable Extension Poles Up To 28 ' 8.5m

The benefits of using this is designed from the ground up to 28 feet.

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Wagtail Water Fed Cleaning System 35cm

WF Precision Glide Squeegee, WF Cutting Edge Mop, WF Handle
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