Detergents and Degreasers


All Off Powder Deruster

All Off is designed for easy dosing, with the addition of dust suppressant additives, and user safety is optimized.

All Off is specifically formulated product for use in hot tank cleaning applications. Designed for heavy duty degreasing it makes an economic alternative to liquid degreasing compounds. Formulated with soil suspending agents to prevent redepositing of oils and other soils on to work.

All Off Powder Deruster MSDS


Rust Off Rust Remover Liquid

Rust Off contains a synthetic detergent which easily penetrates oxide deposits, oily films and carbon smut on metal surfaces. After treatment it leaves a light phosphate film – ideal for painting. It is a concentrated phosphoric acid cleaner for the effective removal of rust deposits from iron and steel.

Download Rust Off Rust Remover Liquid MSDS

Corrolube Corrosion Inhibitor 25L

Corrolube is completely soluble in water and does not support bacteria growth, thus avoiding the common problems of old emulsion technologies. It may be used hot or cold and will tolerate ingress of low levels of acid and mineral salts thus making it ideal for use in hard water areas. It is safe on skin avoiding the need to wear gloves when handling either concentrate or diluted solutions. Corrolube is a new concept in corrosion protection and lubrication for the food and metals industries.

Download Corrolube MSDS
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Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%

Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% is an industrial strength hypochlorite solution. It is usually diluted with water to make a variety of solutions of available chlorine that can be used for bleaching and sanitizing purposes.

Rip Off HD Cleaner

Rip Off is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser for the effective removal of heavy grease and soil in workshops, kitchen and food areas. It is a highly successful in the cleaning of canopies, filters, exhaust fans, stainless steel fittings, quarry tiles and terrazzo floors.


Big Bite Powder Degreaser 23kg

Big Bite is a combination of biodegradable surface active agents, emulsifiers and alkaline compounds for the fast and total emulsification of fats, grease, oils and fatty soils on concrete floors and ferrous metals. Use in factories, workshops, garages, food manufacturing plants and other industries.

Download Big Bite Powder Degreaser MSDS
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Activ 'O' Concentrated Spray and Wipe Cleaner

Spray and Wipe Cleaner. Removes greasy soil from all surfaces not affected by water. Removes oil/greasy dirt, smoke stains, mildew and body fats.

Clean Shop Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser

Clean Shop is a concentrated cleaner degreaser that is used to wash floors and remove food spills. Effective on all types of hard surface flooring.

Activ 800 Heavy Duty Cleaner Emulsifier

Activ 800 has been designed especially for use with all kinds of mechanical cleaning devices. USDA has granted is unrestricted approval for use on all surfaces in all departments of federally inspected establishments. Activ 800 spontaneous emulsifier has been extensively field-tested in heavy duty industrial locations and found to be superior in cleaning efficiency against all competition. It cleans by spontaneous emulsion – reduces the resistance of oily and greasy soil to mix with water. Built with extra alkaline punch and contains special electrolytes to enhance the action of the surfactant.



Heavy duty concentrated degreaser for the removal of oils and soils from floors, machinery, heavy transport and locomotives.

Activ Shift - Low Foam Degreaser

Activ Shift is extremely efficient in the cleaning of oils and grease from concrete floors and ferrous metals, through automatic equipment. E.g. steam cleaners, pressure washers or manual cleaning and is biodegradable.


Activ Shift Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser

Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser. Highly concentrated industrial cleaner degreaser formulated with extra alkaline punch for added cleaning power.

Activ S.R.A Heavy Duty Soil Removing Agent

Produced specifically for the removal of  dirt and soilage - ideal for use on tiles, glazed bricks, porcelain and shower screens.

Versadet Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner

Concentrated pH Neutral Floor Cleaner. Designed for cleaning polished floors. Emulsifies greasy soils. Suitable for manual or machine cleaning tasks.


DECARB Decarboniser and Paint Stripper

Solvent based cold tank Decarboniser and paint stripper designed for immersion application.

Citrus Clean Degreaser

Solvent based detergent with wide application. It is excellent for degreasing operations, ultrasonic cleaning and as a general hand wipe cleaner. Contains D-Limonene. Used for removal of forklift tyre marks from concrete floors. It quickly penetrates heavy grease and oil deposits emulsifying them to allow easy removal using a water rinse.

Download Citrus Clean MSDS

Tech 001 Acidic Aluminium Brightener

Acidic aluminium brightener and effective silica scale remover. Contains hydrofluoric acid and detergents for fast and complete removal of metal oxides that have stained or discolored aluminium and stainless steel surfaces after welding operations.

F189 Multipurpose Cleaner

Powerful general purpose detergent for removal of dirt and grease from fabric and trim. Will not harm surfaces. It can be used on numerous types of surfaces including; floors, walls, benches, engines, plastic trucks, vinyl, unpainted metal and wooden surfaces. It can be used in a wide variety of areas including Workshops, Vehicles, Institutions, Boning Rooms, Abattoirs and Food Plants.

Download  F189 Multipurpose Cleaner MSDS

TK70 Metal Spray Cleaner Powder 23kg

Non caustic powdered spray cleaner for rotary washers. It may also be used manually for cleaning floors and machinery. Safe on all metals.It is a powerful powdered detergent for cleaning both ferrous and nonferrous metal parts.

Download TK70 Metal Spray Cleaner Powder MSDS
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Evolution Water Based Degreaser

Evolution is highly formulated heavy duty water based degreaser made to replace solvent based products for most applications.

TECH 735 G.P Water Based Solvent Detergent

Water based micro emulsion degreaser for removal of grease, oil and general soils by spray or wipe techniques. Excellent for removal of insects from vehicle exteriors by pre application prior to autowash bays.