Concrete and Hard Stone Floors

Con Coat

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ConCoat is a UV stable, semi permanent, water based acrylic seal designed for use on hard surfaces. e.g concrete , terrazzo, ceramic tile, slate, terracotta and quarry tile.
It can be used internally in domestic commercial or light industrial applications.

Precoat Primer

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Concentrated Acid Solution formulated for the preparation of concrete prior to sealing with concrete seal.

Aquaseal Semi Permanent Resilient Floor Seal

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Aquaseal is a high fill sealer for resilient flooring and is intended as a base seal for all subsequent Peerless Finishes. A full program of finishes to protect and enhance wood, cork and parquetry.
The prime function of the product is to fill the floor’s sub surface with a clear film that enhances the original colour of the floor.

Hyshield Floor Finish

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Hyshield Waterborne Hybrid Floor Finish Ultra High Solids. A waterborne acrylic polyurethane finish for multi surface applications. It can be used on hard vinyl,slate, terrazzo, and unglazed quarry tiles in supermarkets, shopping centre, retail stores, schools an public buildings. Available in Gloss and Matte finish.

Hy-Shield gloss dries to an attractive “Wet Look” finish. Matt finish Hy-Shield highlights the natural beauty of timber with minimum shine and reflection. Both finishes are safe underfoot, UV stable and free from yellowing and can be easily stripped if required.

The finish is easy to apply and the ultra high solids formula builds rapidly during application to give maximum protection with fewer coats than normally needed with conventional polymer floor finishes.

Available in 5L and 15L.

Download Hyshield Floor Finish Gloss MSDS
Download Hyshileld Floor Finish Matte MSDS

How to choose the correct Resilient and Hard Floor Product
How to Strip, Finish & Recoat a Resilient or Hard Floor

Elegance Floor Sealer Finish

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Elegance Floor Finish is todays choice for maintenance of high volume traffic areas utilizing Ultra High Speed maintenance systems.

The latest in floor finish technology. Utilizing the advances in acrylic coating technology to produce a floor finish that provides exceptional wear resistance with a pleasing wet look appearance. Safety underfoot, with endurance built in plus an added independently proven benefit

“Elegance limits the growth of bacteria”.
Floors treated with Elegance and maintained in a clean state will lessen the incidence of bacterial growth. A great benefit to facilities that need strict bacterial controls.

Passes AS/NZS 4586-1999 for Dry Slip Resistance.

Hystrata Waterborne Concrete and Hard Stone Floor Finish

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Extra tough, hard wearing, non-slip waterborne alipahtic hybrid polyurethane finish for internal and external concrete floors, hard stone and slate floors in commercial buildings and in the home.
It is easy to apply and has deep penetrating properties, essential for effective treatment of porous concrete substrates. Hy-Strata dries to an attractive low sheen finish, desirable in most situations and retains its appearance over a long period of time. Available in 5L and 15L.

Download Hystrata Floor Finish MSDS

SAFESEAL STRIPPER Aromatic Stripping Solvent

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Aromatic stripping solvent formulated for the removal of solved based acrylic sealers. Use on unglazed terracotta, terrazzo, concrete, brick and slate flooring.

It is a highly volatile highly flammable solvent stripper. Available in 10L and 205L.

NOTE: Do not use on vinyl or timber surfaces