Timber Floors

Timber Preclean Floor Treatment Cleaner 5L

Timber Preclean is formulated for the specific task of removal of body fats, ingrained dirt and greasy residue from timber floors prior to refurbishment with Peerless Timber Seals.

It must be used as the cleaner prior to refurbishments on all timber floors to be coated with Peerless timber seals, unless the floor has been treated with wax, polish or sealer finish, in which case Peerless All Purpose Stripper should be used in accordance with label directions.

Download Timber Preclean MSDS.

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All Purpose Stripper

A Heavy Duty Stripping Emulsion that effectively and quickly emulsifies all types of wax and acrylic floor polishes and restores floors to original condition.


Penetrating Seal

Fast Dry Penetrating Seal Alkyd Modified Resin Timber Seal.

Hyprime Timber Floor Primer

Hy Prime is an environmental and user friendly water based primer, specifically formulated for internal timber floors. It is fully compatible with Hy Traffic and Hydrothane floor finishes. This product is designed to minimize the problem of edge bonding which occurs when climatic conditions cause floorboards to shrink naturally.

Available in 5L and 15L.

Download Hyprime Timber Floor Primer MSDS.

Hybridge Timber Floor Primer

A waterborne nano particle aliphatic urethane for multi surface applications: timber, interior concrete, terrazzo, pre-sealed slate and unglased quarry tiles in commercial buildings. This unique water based polyurethane hybrid timber floor primer is designed as an intermediate floor sealer and as a base sealer for rejuvenating worn and porous floors. It is an excellent problem solver in situations where it is not advisable to deep strip or sand floors. 

Available in 5L and 15L

Download Hybridge Timber Floor Primer MSDS.


Tung Oil Seal Timber Floor Seal

 This timber floor seal product provides a hard, uniform gloss that is slip resistant, and resistant to acid, alkali, moisture, rubber burns and abrasion. Dries to a pleasing finish in 6-8 hours.

Dual Coat

Dual Coat provides high appearance levels and an extremely durable surface for all traffic areas. Formulated from the finest oil modified urethane that protects and enhances timber colour.


Hytraffic Timber Floor Finish

Hy Traffic is a dual component; non-hazardous water based polyurethane finish incorporating the latest nano hybrid floor coating technology, for exclusive use on internal timber floors. It improves the natural beauty of feature timber floors in premium gloss or satin finishes. The catalysed formulation approach aids in giving this product exceptional chemical resistance (wine, cola, beer) and endurance in heavy foot traffic conditions. It is easy to apply using brush, roller or light weight applicator.

Hy Traffic is most effectively used in domestic households and commercial buildings including restaurants, clubs, bars, retail stores, theatre stages, offices, shopping centers and many others.

Available in 4L and 18L.

Hytraffic Timber Floor Finish MSDS.


Gemini Sealer Finish

Generates a brilliant finish with the perfect blend of durability and hardness for traffic mark resistance. Dries to a pleasing gloss without buffing.


Hyshield Floor Finish

Hyshield Waterborne Hybrid Floor Finish Ultra High Solids. A waterborne acrylic polyurethane finish for multi surface applications. It can be used on hard vinyl,slate, terrazzo, and unglazed quarry tiles in supermarkets, shopping centre, retail stores, schools an public buildings. Available in Gloss and Matte finish.

Hy-Shield gloss dries to an attractive “Wet Look” finish. Matt finish Hy-Shield highlights the natural beauty of timber with minimum shine and reflection. Both finishes are safe underfoot, UV stable and free from yellowing and can be easily stripped if required.

The finish is easy to apply and the ultra high solids formula builds rapidly during application to give maximum protection with fewer coats than normally needed with conventional polymer floor finishes.

Available in 5L and 15L.

Download Hyshield Floor Finish Gloss MSDS
Download Hyshileld Floor Finish Matte MSDS

How to choose the correct Resilient and Hard Floor Product
How to Strip, Finish & Recoat a Resilient or Hard Floor


Easipol Floor Wax

Traditional Liquid solvent based wax polish. Use on sealed timber, cork and linoleum (marmoleum, marmorette)



Hydeck Exterior Woord Finish

Hy-Deck is a UV stable semi transparent finish for garden decks, verandas, piers, steps, railings and other garden structures. It contains a brown pigment, which will provide additional protection against harsh weather damage, water and will delay the greying of the wood. After its application, Hy-Deck will present a subtle timber colour  showing the grain and texture of the wood, enhancing the natural beauty and finished appearance.

It has effective antibacterial properties and will inhibit mould, mildew and algae. Hy-deck's special waxed formula, helps repel water which is a great protection for water damage such us splitting, rot and warping caused by water absorption.

Available in 5L and 15L.

Hydeck Exterior Wood Finish MSDS.


Activ S.R.A Heavy Duty Soil Removing Agent

Produced specifically for the removal of  dirt and soilage - ideal for use on tiles, glazed bricks, porcelain and shower screens.

Surface Seal

Where required Surface Seal can be substituted for Super Finish Seal when traffic conditions are not as intense as sport floor applications. It is also an alternative for Multi Purpose Floors.

Super Finish Seal

A highly concentrated blend of penetrating oils and synthetic resins that produce a tough durable safe playing surface on any indoor timber or cork floor that is subjected to high volume traffic conditions.

Hydrothane Sport SE27

New Generation Interior Timber Sports Floor Seal
Hydrothane is a water borne polyurethane coating that represents the latest advancement in timber floor seals.

Gemini Satin Timber Finish

Gemini Satin is an Acrylic polymer water based floor polish designed to provide a durable satin/low gloss.

HY-TRAFFIC SATIN Timber Floor Finish

Waterborne Hybrid Timber Floor Finish. It is suitable for domestic and commercial timber floors. Available in Gloss and Matt finish.

Laminate Floor Cleaner 750ml

Ready to use, water based non-rinse formula, specifically designed to clean laminated flooring. It quickly cleans floor leaving streak free surface.
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Timber Floor Maintenance Kit Startup

Timber floor startup kit by Peerless. It contains Versadet 5L, Gemini 5L, polycotton finish mop, wet mop, dust control mop and adjustable handle. Care should be taken when working on wet floors.
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