Designed to remove polish build up and accumulated dirt. Use where constant high speed burnishing has hardened the polish film requiring extra muscle to remove and restore the floor to its original condition. 

Jasol Glaze Strip

Heavy Duty Odourless Floor Stripper. Mop on – pick up , strips all finishes, low foam, odourless.

Sledgehammer Sealer Remover - Research Products

Premium performance, recyclable wet or dry floor stripper, highly biodegradable, safer to use. It is highly effective in removing ANTI-STATIC FLOOR SEALER however in areas where a base. 

Steamroller II Sealer Remover - 5L and 15L

Stripping productivity that flattens the competition!
It effectively removes concrete sealers and old heavy build-up with or without scrubbing.



All Purpose Stripper

A Heavy Duty Stripping Emulsion that effectively and quickly emulsifies all types of wax and acrylic floor polishes and restores floors to original condition.


Lazer Stripper

For easy removal of metal crosslinked sealer finishes. Emulsifies old and discoloured finishes quickly and efficiently.Unique stay wet feature of the product enables larger areas to be stripped without drying out.

Green Strip Floor Stripper 5L - Research Products

Recyclable, wet or dry floor stripper. Highly biodegradable, safer to use, contains no ammonia or glycol.
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Meltdown Solvent Floor Stripper - 5L and 15L

High solvent stripper for fast penetration on heavy build up. May be used by the no scrub no rinse method. No scrub, no rinse floor finish stripper, just mop-in mop-off.

Storm Floor Stripper High Performance 5L

Storm is a new generation floor stripper designed to rapidly liquefy and emulsify old sealers for easy removal with an autoscrubber or mop and bucket.
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Zipstrip 5L

Zip Strip is a fast, efficient, labour saving method for removing floor finishes and wax sealers with a minimum of scrubbing. Zip Strip is a low odour ammonia free stripping system.
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Xpoly8 High Performance Floor Stripper 5L

Xpoly8 is a low odour, fast acting and labour saving method for removing floor sealers/finishes with a minimum of scrubbing.

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