Elegance Sealer Finish

Elegance Floor Finish is todays choice for maintenance of high volume traffic areas utilizing Ultra High Speed maintenance systems.

Brilliance Sealer | Finish 5L

High gloss sealer/finish. Quick drying and extremely durable. One step system for vinyl. It provides the perfect finish for Pafu Base Seal for terrazzo and stone. Low and high speed. Burnishable from 250-2000 rpm.
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Thermaglo Plus 5L

Vinyl, terrazzo and timber finish. Burnishable from 250-2000 rpm. May be used as a one-step sealer and finish. easy to use and most reliable for any situation. Provides wet look gloss.

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Glazer Floor Sealer - 1L, 5L and 15L Research Products

Polyurethane fortified sealer finish for wet-look floors. Safe at Any Speed 300 to 2000+ RPM



Spartacus Wet Look Gloss Sealer Finish - Research Products

Easy to lay, easy to maintain U.H.S. formula. Excellent gloss and easy burnishing. A top, economical performer with ultra clarity and repair-ability. Ideal “goof proof” product for all types of floors



Satin Star Floor Sealer 5L and 15L - Research Products

Satin finish for most surfaces with great wear ability and chemical resistance. Commercial vinyl-preseal with Bedrock.


Filmstar High Traction Sealer 5L and 15L - Research Products

Polymer science gives you high traction, supergrip floors under wet or dry conditions. Incredible wear ability and ultra high gloss. Use over Bedrock in supermarkets, BLOCKADE on stone/terrazzo

Jasol Glaze Reflection Floor Sealer 5L

Metallised Polymer Sealer Finish. Wet look with high speed machines, very high film, spectacular gloss, for vinyl, rubber & linoleum floors.
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Septone Vinyl Trak-Sealer Finish for Vinyl

Vinyl Trak from Septone is a one-step combination floor sealer and finish and is specifically formulated for all vinyl flooring.

Plaza Plus High Performance Sealer 5L

High performance sealer suitable even for highly alkaline
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Technique Semi Permanent Sealer 5L

Semi permanent sealer that enhances the appearance of old floors when used with a Diversey finish according to directions. 
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Millentra Floor Sealer | Finish

Economical & easy to maintain sealer/finish for all low speed
applications for resilient floors such as vinyl, rubber and porous composite tiles.

Showplace High Solids Floor Sealer | Finish 5L

Premium, high solids resilient floor sealer/finish wit excellent durability and spray buff response. It is designed for low speed applications.
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Signature UHS Floor Sealer 5L

Unsurpassed wet look gloss, highly durable ultra high speed sealer/finish with low marking and high buff response for daily shine.
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Vectra Floor Sealer | Finish 5L

Economical resilient floor sealer/finish with excellent durability and resistance to black heel marks, scuffs and dirt.
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Synergy Sealer Finish 5L

Synergy is excellent for use on vinyl hard floor surfaces and can be used on terrazzo, granite, tiles and slate. It has been awarded the ‘Innovation Award’ at the October 2014 Ausclean meeting in Melbourne.
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