Brushes 8in to 12in

Alpha Shifter 308 - 2 Directional V-Jets 12in

BEST and easiest WFP scrubbing brush in the world. It covers 50% more than your standard 10" brush with 50% less pressure, designed for maximum filament contact with the glass. 

Gardiner SuperLite Brush Double Trim Soft 10in

10" lightweight double trim, soft semi flocked bristles. Great all-rounder.

Gardiner SuperLite Brush Double Trim Mixed 10 in

10" lightweight double trim, mixed (medium outer, soft inner) monofilament bristles.

Hill Monofilament Double Trim 4 Pencil Jets 12in

12'' brush with splaying outer bristles and shorter middle bristles for 90 degree cleaning. Long lasting monofilament bristles   .

Vikan Oval Single Trim Monofilament2Pencil Jets10in

Heavy duty at lower levels, for use on windows facades frames and sills.  


Vikan Soft Flocked Brush 2 Pencil Jets 8 in

Soft flocked bristles that splay easily and cover more glass. Brass recessed water jets which won't scratch. Available in 10" too.

Brodex Medium MonofilamentBrush 2 Pencil Jets 10 in

10'' brush with high quality monofilament bristles. Durable metal pencil jets.

Gardiner Radial Monofilament Dual Trim Medium

10'' perfect all-rounder for different work, height, water temperature. Super lightweight!

Gardiner Super-Lite Radial-Sill Brush | Hot Water Brush

10'' sill and frame brush. Lightweight, won't scratch. It can be used with hot water.

Vikan Radial Monofilament Brush 2 Pencil Jets 10 in

Heavy duty 10'' brush with extra long bristles for good scrubbing.

Vikan Radial Stiff Monofilament 2 Pencil Jets 10in

Rigid, heavy duty 10'' brush for use on hard surfaces and stubbon dirt.

Vikan Radial Soft Flocked 2 Pencil Jets 10 in

Heavily flocked 10'' brush for walls, roofs, frames, awnings, signs      

Alpha Shifter 10″ (2 Directional V-Jets)

The ultimate water fed glass and solar cleaning brushes have arrived. Throw away all of your other brushes for glass and solar cleaning. The Alpha Shifter brushes are all you need.  

Alpha Shifter Brush 8 - 2 Directional V-Jets

8″ version of the BEST WFP BRUSH in the world. Uses 50% less pressure, designed for maximum filament contact with the glass. A brush that works like a scrubbing pad