Cleaners Supermarket® Descaler

Descaling Liquid. Liquid descaler for descaling dish washing machines.

Machine De Scale Powdered 5kg

Powdered safe handling acid cleaner formulated for the effective removal of scale and hard water deposits from dishwashing and glass washing machines.

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Descaler 5L Calcium Stain and Rust Removal

Descaler from Research Products is highly active against hard water scale in dish washers.


Septone R.C.L. 70 Cleaner and Descaler

R.C.L. 70 is a powerful acid cleaner suitable for the cleaning and descaling of surfaces such as stainless steel, steel, brass, copper, ceramic and glass.

Actichem Liquid Acid Descaler

A liquid descaling compound that quickly and effectively removes hard water scale build-up in dishwashers, urns, kettles and other heat transfer equipment.

Suma Calc D5 Descaler 2L

An all purpose descaler for use on kitchen equipment and utensils including dishwashers, bain maries, boilers, steamers, tea & coffee urns etc.
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Divo PS Scale Control Additive 1000L

Additive for scale control.
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Descale Magic 3-in-1 Multi-appliance Descaler and Sanitiser

Biodegradable and non-toxic 3-in-1 multi-use descaler.