Soakers / Stain Removal

Peersol Chlorinated Powder Bleach

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Peersol is a concentrated powder destainer and sanitiser for removing tannin stains on fine china, porcelain, stainless steel, melamine, tea/coffee cups and teapots.
May also use as a vegetable sanitiser.


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Cappuccino Machine Cleaner.  Restore is an advanced cleaner and destainer which effectively removes deposits and tannins. It has a 4 way cleaning action comprising of activated oxygen, enzyme, detergents and alkalinity.
Restore is safe to use through all machines and totally rinses away, ensuring no possibility of tainting. Due to Restore’s highly concentrated nature, it is very economical to use. Restore is also ideal for soak destaining of coffee cups, plates, cutlery, aprons, table cloths and napkins. It is completely safe to use on these items and will not fade or bleach colours.

Suma Revoflow DES T32 Washing Destainer 4kg

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Ultra-concentrated ware de-stainer, specially formulated to provide excellent stain removal in combination with Revoflow dispensing system.

Suma Shine K2 Presoak Auto Dishwashing 10kg

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Oxygen presoak powder for the effective removal of tannin stains from cups and crockery. It is also perfect for destaining plastic and melamine.
It is an alkaline powder. It contains a blend of scale inhibitors and alkali for removal of dried on food from cups and crockery. The formulation contains active oxygen for effective removal of tea, coffee, and fruit stains.

Suma Soak K7 Presoak Auto Dishwashing 10kg

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Powder presoaker formulated to provide excellent removal of stubborn stains from cutlery and silverware. It effectively assists in the removal of burnt on food residues and starch.

Caffè Magic - 3-in-1 Coffee Machine Cleaner and Descaler

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Biodegradable and non-toxic coffee machine cleaner and descaler. Suitable for all leading coffee pod and espresso machines.

Cleans: Powerful triple action formula penetrates, lifts and removes scale, coffee oils and milk scum, guaranteeing a perfect coffee every time.
Descales: Regular descaling improves appliance efficiency and longevity.
Organic Ingredients: Contains food safe and organic acids making it suitable for use with organic coffee.

Available in 250ml, 4L, 10L & 20L.


Jasol Silver Soak 10kg

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Safe to use as pre-soak for finest silver ware and stainless steel surfaces. Available in 10kg.
Silver Soaker is an Alkaline detergent used for the removal of food soils and tannins from cutlery and crockery,
when used as directed.

Jasol EC16 Crockery and Cutlery Pre-Soaker Powder 5Kg

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Environmental friendly, highly effective cutlery and crockery pre-soak.
Utilising a power enzyme formula EC16 breaks down the toughest food soils and removes stubborn stains such as coffee and tea stains. When used as directed, is safe for stainless steel surfaces as well as for plastics and china.