Ice Handling

Rubbermaid 9F73 Ice Tote Lid

Handy lid is designed specifically for Rubbermaid® Commercial Ice Totes. It has a secure, snap-tight fit which minimizes the potential for contamination and accidental spills.
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Rubbermaid Ice Bin Hook Adapter

Ice Bin Hook Adapter allows the Ice Tote to attach to nearly any ice machine, reducing cross-contamination, ice spillage, and employee back strain, while improving efficiency.  
RMRFG9F5600 0000
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Rubbermaid Ice Only Cart Black

This compact cart from Rubbermaid is specially made for easy transporting up to four Rubbermaid Commercial Ice Totes. Its handle hook provides a convenient, sanitary place to hang tote lids.
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Rubbermaid Safety Ice Tote 5.5 Gallon

Safety Ice Tote rom Rubbermaid features an angled top surface helps get rid of spills when filling and acts as a pour spout for enhanced control when pouring ice from rear corners.

Rubbermaid Scovel™ Two-Handled Shovel Blue 120 Oz

This blue 120 oz two-handed shovel is the quickest and most effective way to move large amounts of ice.
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Rubbermaid 74 oz Ice Safety Scoop with Hand Guard

Scoop with Hand Guard has an angled handle positioned over the 74 ounce ice cavity which relieves wrist strain and protects hand from contacting ice reducing risk of cross-contamination.