Cleaner | Sanitiser

Degresan Food Areas Cleaner and Sanitiser 750ML

Cleaner and sanitiser for use in food preparation areas. Available in 750ml.
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Suma Bac Conc D10 Cleaner | Sanitiser 1.5L

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Suma Block Whitener 5L

This is suitable for destaining of chopping boards.
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Suma Diversol Cx Powder Cleaner Sanitiser

A chlorinated powder cleaner/sanitiser and destainer formulated for use in food preparation areas, food processing, beverage, brewing and Dairy Industries.


Divosan Hypochlorite Chlorine Sanitiser & Destainer 5L

Liquid chlorine sanitiser and destainer with powerful oxidising action that assists stain removal.

Final Step Optifill NO Rinse Sanitiser 2.5L

No rinse sanitiser in the new Optifill system
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J512 Jf Concentrated Sanitiser 2.5L

Super concentrated no rinse surface sanitiser for pre-cleaned surfaces.

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Kitchen Hygiene Concentrated Sanitiser D4 2L

Concentrated sanitiser for use on all hard surfaces including food contact surfaces in food premises.
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Suma San Conc D4a Sanitiser 1.5L

Ultra concentrated liquid no rinse sanitiser for use on all hard surfaces including food contact surface in food premises.

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Surface Sanitiser Smartdose 1.4L

Concentrated Sanitiser for pre-cleaned surfaces. It is a quarternary ammonium chloride-based, no-rinse sanitizer food contact surfaces.
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Divosan Osa-n CIP Detergent | Sanitiser

OSA based acid anionic CIP detergent/sanitiser - phosphate free. Available in 1000L
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Hd Plusfoam Caustic Foam Cleaner

HD Plusfoam is a highly caustic, alkaline foam cleaner designed for daily and periodic use in very heavy soil areas in the food, beverage and dairy industries.

Easyfoam Liquid Chlorinated Foaming Detergent

 It is effective for the removal of most food soils including animal and vegetable fats, blood and proteins.


Endurosafe Chlorinated Silicated Foam | Gel Cleaner 1000L

Premium chlorinated, silicated foam/gel cleaner, soft metal safe - potassium hydroxide based.

Divercontact L80 Food Grade Lactic Acid

This sanitiser product helps to reduce microbiological surface contamination on bovine carcases.

Diggers Drain Cleaner 1 Litre

Diggers Drain cleaner is a clear, odourless and colourless liquid that helps remove blockages, hair and unwanted odours as it goes straight to the problem to clear fully or partly blocked drains in two easy steps.
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Diggers Drain Cleaner Concentrate 500g

Diggers Drain Cleaner Concentrate is a fast acting granulated formulation that when dissolved penetrates straight to the problem to clear fully or partly blocked drains, hair and remove unwanted odours.
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H6 Super Conc Sanitiser 5L

No rinse sanitizer. It is ideal for air dry sanitising applications in food preparation areas.
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