Chlorine | Liquid Bleach

Clax Active 4AP1 Chlorine Bleach Powder 20kg

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Low temperature Chlorine bleach that combines economy of use with excellent stain removal properties.
It it suitable for all tupes of white fabrics amd a limited number of colourfast textiles. A pwoder laundry destainer specifically formulated for use in commercial, healtcare and on premise laundries.

This product should be applied in the rinse at temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees Celcius and can be used for all types of white fabrics and a limited number of colourfast textiles. It should not be used for cleaning coloured articles, except chlorine stable theatre linen.

Clax Hypo 42A1 Chlorine Bleach | Destainer 15L

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Liquid chlorine bleach and destainer. Stabalised to preserve
Chlorine concentration.

Clax Hypo 42AL1 Liquid Chlorine Bleach | Destainer 200L

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Clax Hypo 4AL1 is a chlorine bleach suitable for the removal of stubborn stains from white fabrics.
 It provides excellent stain removal on difficult to remove stains such as blood, food and mildew. In order to obtain good bleach performance and at the same time causing minimal fabric damage, temperature of the wash solution should not exceed 60 degrees Celcius.

Clax OXY 4EP1 Oxygen Bleach Powder 10Kg

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Powdered oxygen bleach for us in commercial, healthcare and on premise laundries. It is colour safe bleach.
It is perfect for adding to the wash step and overnight soaking.

Clax Revoflow CLOR 42X1 Concentrated Chlorine Bleach 4KG

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Clax Revoflow Clor is a highly concentrated chlorine bleach for fabric washing.
It is compatible with most Clax fabric washing products. Do not combine Clax Revoflow Clor with acid products as this might lead to chemical reaction. Low to medium temperature bleach effect. Highly concentrated minimizing the impact on the environment.

Clax Revoflow Oxi 4xP3 Concentrated Oxygen Bleach 4kg

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Highly concentrated oxygen bleach for use with the CLAX Revoflow system.

Cyclone Premium Laundry Bleach 5L

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It cleans, sanitises and deodorises on washable surfaces.
It helps remove moss and mould  both indoors and out. Perfect for the Laundry -in wash or soaking to hygienically
removed stubborn stains to leave fabrics whiter and brighter.

Chlorite Liquid Bleach

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Chlorite is a liquid cleaner, bleaching and disinfecting agent.

This liquid bleach can be utilized in many applications including laundering, disinfecting, mould and fungus control, toilet basin, tile and grout cleaning. Available in 5L,15L, and 25L

Interox ST 50 Hydrogen Peroxide Liquid Bleach

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Interox 50T solutions are clear colourless liquids, miscible with water in all proportions. They are extremely hazardous in the neat form, so correct safe handling procedures should be followed at all times. 

Peroxide is widely used for the oxygen bleaching of stains. Liquid oxygen bleach is suitable for the destaining of coloured and white fabrics. It is ideal for whitening woolen garments. It is very good de-stain properties and fully biodegradable. Available in 25kg and 260kg.

Actichem Snobrite Liquid Chlorine Bleach

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Actichem's AP866 Snobrite is a 4% available oxygen bleach for the destaining and whitening of cottons and linens.
Excellent for destaining, sanitizing, mould removal and deodorizing of hard surfaces. It will effectively whitens, sanitizes and destains linens, cottons and synthetic fabrics. It is ideal for killing and removing mould and mildew. It contains 4% available chlorine, making it an effective disinfectant. It is deodorizes and disinfects drains, bins etc. It is effectively destains crockery, floor and wall tiles and other resilient surfaces. Available in 5, 15 and 25 litres.