Glass Cleaners

Glance NA Smartdose Glass & Surface Cleaner 1.4L

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Glance NA, is a non ammoniated glass and multi-surface cleaner concentrate.
It is suitable for use on all reflective surfaces, including glass, chrome and stainless steel. Available in 1.4L. It cleanly wipes and dries fast. It has a blue mild colour. This product meets Green Seal's environmental choice and Greenguard standards for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential.

Glance NA J-Flex Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner

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Glance Non-ammoniated glass and multi surface cleaner.

It cleans and shines glass, mirrors, sinks, countertops, stainless steel. Non-streaking, non smearing, quick drying formula. Green Seal compliant.

Glance Multi Purpose Glass and Surface Cleaner

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A powerful glass cleaner that cleans surface, a smear and streak free finish.
It is specifically formulated non streaking glass cleaner that will clean all glass surfaces and chrome. Available in 5L, and 750ml with 3 triggers, or 9 triggers. A great cleaner either manual wipe or squeegee cleaning methods.

Glance HC J-fill 2.5L Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner

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Low foaming multi-purpose glass & hard surface cleaner

It is specially formulated cleaner that cleans all glass surfaces and chrome leaving non-streak free. You can use with manual wipe or with squeegee. It can be buffed with a lint free cloth to give a perfect shine.

Kitchen Hygiene D6 2L Multipurpose Glass Cleaner

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Glass and hard surface cleaner, a ready to use spray cleaner for the streak-free cleaning of glass and other water resistant hard surfaces including windows, glazed ceramic and plastic surfaces.

Roomcare R3 Plus Glass | Multi Surface Cleaner 1.5L

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Multi-surface cleaner concentrate for glass and other water-resistant hard surfaces formulated for use with the Johnson Diversey Divermite dispenser.
Highly effective neutral product. It dries quickly without streakingm, and finger marks. It has a pleasant, fresh room care fragrance.

Easy spray-on, wipe-off action.

Cyclone Glass Cleaner

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This glass cleaner is great for fast, easy, streak-free cleaning on even tough grease and grime on glass and other hard surfaces.
Use Cyclone Glass Cleaner to remove grease and grim from mirrors and windows inside and out and water spots on chrome and stainless steel fixtures and fittings. Available in 750ml.