Titan Chlor-Tabs Chlorine SanitisingTablets 200 x 2.5 G

An accurate and convenient, means of making up solutions of known available chlorine strengths for a variety of sanitising tasks.
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Triad III Jflex Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate 5L

Alkaline commercial grade disinfectant cleaner formulated for use in schools, nursing homes, hospitals and other public areas.
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Virex II Jflex Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorant 1.5L

This is an effective mild odour quaternary-based disinfectant for use where controlling the risk of cross contamination is of prime importance.

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Clean Air Disinfectant | Cleaner 5L

A fresh smelling deodoriser with light cleaning ability. It is a specially formulated disinfectant/cleaner with fresh, long lasting fragrance.
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Knockout Powerful Deodoriser | Disinfectant 5L

Powerful deodoriser disinfectant with strong "fruity"
fragrance designed to kill malodour causing germs as well as giving maximum odour masking.
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Diversol 5000 Powdered Satchels - for blood spills 200 x 25g

Disinfection of Blood spills. Diversol 5000 is a chlorinated powder disinfectant designed for general sanitising and disinfection of blood spills.
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Diver Cleanse Liquid Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Liquid hospital grade disinfectant cleaner formulated to kill germs, remove mould, soil, stains and unpleasant smells as well as bleaching.

Oxivir Five 16 Hospital Grade Disinfectant JFILL 2.5L X 2 Bottles

Hospital Grade Disinfectant. Oxivir™ Five 16 is a one step
cleaner disinfectant. Concentrate, TGA listed.

Oxivir TB Hospital Grade Disinfectant 946ml

Ready to use hospital grade disinfectant cleaner and neutraliser.
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Domestos Disinfectant Cleaner -Regular and Mountain Fresh

A high performance hospital grade disinfectant cleanser and bleach to kill germs, dirt, mould and filth.

Mr Muscle Orange Energy All Purpose Cleaner 5L

The orange energy formula uses orange oil from orange peel - a powerful degreaser, combined with Mr Muscle's cleaning agents to cut through tough grease and grime effectively and easily on most hard surfaces.
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Divosan TC86 Chlorinated CIP Detergent Liquid 200L

Chlorinated detergent-disinfectant for hard water.
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Oxivir TB Wipes 12X160 Wipes

Hospital Grade Disinfectant. Oxivir™ Tb is a one step
disinfectant, cleaner and odour neutraliser. Wipes , TGA
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Clean Air JFill Deodoriser Floral Fragrance 2.5L

Clean Air JF is a specially formulated deodoriser cleaner disinfectant with a floral, long lasting fragrance to kill modour causing germs as well as as giving maximum odour masking.

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Shield Citrus Cleaner Disinfectant 5L

Commercial grade disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting of washable surface like walls, bench tops, floors. It has a pleasant citrus fragrance.
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Shield Pine Cleaner Disinfectant 5L

Commercial grade disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting of washable surface like walls, bench tops, floors. It has a pleasant pine fragrance.
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Cyclone Cleaner Disinfectant Commercial Grade 5L

Commercial Grade disinfectant cleaner designed to clean, deodorise and sanitise washable surfaces.
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Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner Citrus 500ml

Anti-bacterial, all purpose cleaner, citrust fragrance - trigger pack.