Toilet and Washroom Cleaners

3 Way General Purpose Washroom Cleaner 5L

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3 Way General Purpose Washroom Cleaner is a phosphoric acid based general purpose bathroom cleaner.
It is designed for the cleaning of acid resistant tiles, walls, shower recesses and acid resistant tapware. It can also be used as a toilet cleaner. This is not suitable for use on Marble or Natural stone surfaces. It helps loosen hard water scale, dissolves soap and body fat deposits, cleans, disinfects and deodorises. Available in 5L.

Crew Bathroom Cleaner And Scale Remover JF 2.5L

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A mildly-acidic liquid cleaner specifically developed to remove soap scum and hard water deposits from most restroom surfaces.
It has a purple color with a characteristic scent. It provides great results streak-free drying allows staff to clean surfaces with the same product used for showers, doors, porcelain, counter tops and sinks. Its mildly acidic formula helps prevent build-up of stubborn bathroom soils with regular us. It has a non-corrosive formula which is suitable for nearly all washable restroom surfaces. It is created for healthcare, education, retail, BSC, lodging and government.

Cream R7 Non Abrasive Cream Cleanser

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A versatilve, non-abrasive creme cleanser for water-resistanthard surfaces.
It provides quick and easy removal of stubborn soil and stains. It is suitable for use on stainless steel and chrome fixtures, enamel, glazed ceramic tiles, hard-plastic baths, etc. Available in 5L.

Crew Bathroom Cleaner And Scale Remover JFill 1.5L

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A mild acidic-based cleaner formulated for regular use to remove and prevent build-up of lime, scale and soap scum on protein and metal bathroom fixtures, tiles, shower doors, toiled and any other washable surfaces. It is Green Seal certified.

Crew Shower Tub and Tile JFLEX | Bathroom Cleaner 1.5L

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Cleaner for use in washrooms, showers and other areas associated with frequent water use.
It lifts lime deposit, soap scum, uric acid salts and other stubborn soils from tile, porcelain, metal and plastic without damage to porcelain or metal surfaces. It contains pleasant fresh pine fragrance.

Cream R7 Disinfectant Chlorinated Cleanser 750ML

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Chlorinated non-abrasive creme cleanser that whitens and disinfects as it cleans.
It is ideal for cleaning a range of washable surfaces including enamel baths, sinks, ceramic tiles, plastic laminates, stainless steel and chrome.

Crew Shower Tub &Tile JF Toilet Cleaner 2.5L

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This is an effective toilet and washroom cleaner.

It is formulated to remove lime and scale from porcelain and metal fixtures such as sinks, baths, toilets and drinking fountains. It quickly cuts through soap scum and body oil leaving a pleasant clean fragrance.  It is a urea hydrochloride-based cleaner for use on most bathroom surfaces.

Room Care R1 - Plus Toilet Cleaner - Concentrate 1.5L

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Daily toilet bowl and urinal cleaner concentrate formulated for use with the Divermite dispenser. It has a pleasant fresh Room Care fragrance.

It is appropriate for daily use. It effectively removes stains and deposits from toilet bowls and urinals. If used daily, it hinders lime scale build-up. Extended contact time on vertical/sloped surfaces for optimum cleaning efficiency. It has a handy squeezable bottle with directional spout for fast and easy application.

Crew Smartdose Restroom Cleaner | Disinfectant 1.4L

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A pH neutral formulation designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorising, and disinfection of hard non-porous surfaces such as walls, floors, showers and bathtubs, toilets and bins.

Goodsense Fresh Phase J-Flex Air | Fabric Freshener 1.5L

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Air and fabric freshener/odour counteractant that instantly neutralises odours at source.

Chemically neutralises unpleasant odours and simultaneously leaves behind a pleasant fresh fragrance. It eliminates malodours caused by tobacco, food, urine, and body odours from colourfast and washable fabrics. It is ideal for nursing homes and common use areas such as bars, dining rooms, restaurants or for converting smoking rooms to non-smoking rooms in motels/hotels.

Go Getter Acid Based Toilet Cleaner

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Go Getter is a phosphoric acid toilet cleaner for frequent use on stainless steel urinals and toilet bowls as well as porcelain toilet ware.