Mr Clean Squeegee for Car

Squeegee with folding head for easy storage. Its handle extends from 38cm to 58cm.
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Turtle Wax Microfibre Squeegee

Turtle Wax Microfibre Squeegee, a 2-in-1 device created specifically to trap and get rid of all manner of contaminants from your windows and windscreen.

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TW Zip Dry Squeegee Car Dryer

Zip Dry Squeegee Car Dryer from Turtle Wax, a silicone blade perfect for drying car bodies, windows, trucks, caravans, and boats in a fraction of the time and with less friction than conventional terry towels or chamois. 
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Car Window Squeegee

Car window squeegee with solid timber handle and has a head width of 25cm-10". It is ideal for general purpose use.
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