Powdered Oxygen Bleaches


Peeroxy Powdered Oxygen Bleach

Cleans, brightens, softens, sanitises and deoderises white and coloured fabrics. Particularly effective as a sanitiser and stain remover for nappies and toweling, etc.

Cleaners Supermarket® Laundry Super Soaker

Premium Dual Enzymed Oxygen Whitening Soaker. Our best seller in this complete range- 3 times cheaper than napisan!

Bio Bleach 10kg Stain Remover - Research Products

Nappy Sanitizer, Stain Remover, Soaker
Low temp – high temp.
BIO BLEACH is an important asset when it comes to producing the perfect wash result.
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Septone Nappy Soak Pre-Soak Oxy Bleach

Nappy Soak from Septone is a specifically formulated oxygen bleach powder with cold water technology for outstanding cold water performance compared with similar products.


Actichem Oxybleach Oxygen Bleach Sanitiser

Oxygen bleach sanitiser and nappy soak available in 4.5, 10 and 20kg.

Actichem Chlorobleach Bleach Powder

Chlorine bleach powder available in 4.5, 10, and 20kg.

Actichem Snobrite Liquid 12 % Bleach

It has 12% available oxygen bleach for the destaining and whitening of cottons and linens. It is excellent for destaining, sanitizing, mould and mildew removal, and deodorozing of hard surfaces.

Charge Bleach Powder 5kg

A very fine white abrasive powder, containing foaming bleach which cleans and brightens kitchen and laundry areas.
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