Warning and Safety Signs

Sabco Caution Wet Floor / Cleaning in Progress A-frame

Caution Wet Floor / Cleaning in Progress" A-frame is one of the janitorial and safety ranges from Sabco. Its robust plastic construction can be used in different weather conditions. It is available in three colors: yellow, flouro green, and pink. Distinct message.

Sabco No Entry Restroom Closed A-frame - Yellow

This janitorial safety sign with its robust plastic construction may be used in different weather conditions. It has a distinct message and is very easy to store and use. It is ideal for use both indoor and outdoor. 

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Sabco Caution Wet Floor Cone - 1170mm - Yellow

"Caution Wet Floor" Cone from Sabco is available in yellow color. The available size for this is 1170mm tall, 4 sided, with sign board top. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor. It can also be used with plastic chain to form barrier.
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