Tyre Care

Slime Dial Magnetic Gauge with Bleeder Valve - 0-60 psi

Slime Super Magnetic Guage, shock proof gauge built to withstand rough handling. The dial gauge measures 0 to 60 PSI.
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Slime 10-150 psi Dual Head RV & SUV Tyre Gauge

It measures 10-150 PSI. It helps monitor optimal tire inflation, minimizing tread wear and increasing gas mileage.
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Slime 2020-A 10-160 psi Dually RV Dial Gauge

 It measures 10 to 160 PSI. Easy to use chrome dial gauge with black rubber housing.
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Slime 20-120 Psi Guage with Bonus Caps - 2005-A

It measures 20 to 120 PSI, classic pencil gauge with metal storage clip. Easy to use. 

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Slime Gauge Pencil Chrome - 5 -50 Psi - 22012

Easy to use standard pressure tyre guage. Proper air pressure improves gas performance and reduces tire wear.

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Slime 5-60 psi Tyre Gauge with Bleeder Valve

Properly inflated tires save you money. Maintaining proper tire pressure reduces fuel consumption and maximizes tire life.
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