General Hard Cleaning Surfaces


Septone c-Thru Glass Cleaner

C-Thru removes smears, finger marks, smog, tobacco tar residues and other soil deposits, leaving a sparkling, streak-free finish.

Septone Chlori-clean Chlorine Cleaner Sanitiser

Chlori-Clean is a heavy-duty, foaming, chlorine based cleaner/sanitiser which has been formulated to provide vertical cling.


Septone Antibacterial Spray & Wipe -Lemon Fragrance

Septone Antibacterial Spray & Wipe (Hard Surface Cleaner) Lemon Fragrance removes smears, finger marks, biro and water based ink marks, smog, tobacco tar residues and other soil deposits from hard surfaces.


Septone Greasebuster Hard Surface Biodegradable Detergent

Septone Greasebuster Hard Surface Cleaner Sanitiser

Greasebuster is an extra strength all purpose liquid cleaner recommended for a wide variety of cleaning applications in kitchens, canteens and elsewhere in the hospitality industry.



Septone Grease-a-Way Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 5L and 25L

Grease-A-Way is a concentrated, heavy duty floor cleaner containing ammonia and a sanitiser specifically designed to clean kitchen, canteen, restaurant and retail food outlet floors.

Septone Bio Green - Citrus Based All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser

pH Neutral, Biodegradable, Heavy duty Citrus Oil Based all Purpose cleaner/ degreaser.