Air Freshener and Odour Control


Septone Blockettes Perfumed Deodorant Blocks

Septone Blockettes, Perfumed Deodorant Blocks are perfumed p-Dichlorobenzene blocks which are used in toilets and urinals to suppress malodours and freshen the air.

Septone Summerain Anti Bacterial Air Freshener 5L

Summerain is a dual purpose product which can be used either as a hard surface cleaner or as an air freshener, providing a pleasant musk fragrance which persists throughout the day.
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Septone Spring Air Anti Bacterial Air Freshener

Air Freshener, Deodouriser & Sanitiser. Concentrated room deodouriser with lasting fragrance. Contols malodours and freshens the area. Septic safe.

Septone Pacific Breeze Odour Control Disinfectant

Odour Control Masking Compound and disinfectant in one.