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Septone Cold Gal Zinc-Rich Coating

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Cold Gal is ideal for boat trailers, roofs, gates, balustrades, wrought iron, tanks, gutters and many other applications.
It is also suitable for spot priming after welding. Cap colour approximates paint colour Septone Cold Gal is a zinc rich epoxy coating. It provides long lasting protection from rust and corrosion by replacing damaged galvanising. Available in 400g and 500ml.

Septone Super Etch Primer Epoxy Based 400g

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Super Etch Primer also protects the metal from surface rust prior to painting with either enamel or acrylic top coats. Super Etch Primer is chromate free.
Septone Etch Primer is a single pack, advanced epoxy build primer which has been especially designed to promote excellent adhesion to difficult metals, be they ferrous or non-ferrous.

Septone Enamel Grey Primer 400g

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Septone Enamel Primer is suitable for use directly onto ferrous metal, fibreglass and timber substrates.
 It exhibits fast drying and rust resistant qualities with superb build and sanding properties. It has excellent adhesion, with outstanding hold out, and is suitable for use as a base for all enamel topcoats. Note: use Septone Acrylic Primer Surfacer or Acrylic Primer Filler for priming under acrylic finishes and lacquers. Cap colour approximates paint colour.

Septone Heat Proof Black 400g

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Septone Heat Proof is a scientifically advanced paint designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and flames.
It is ideal for use on engine exhaust manifolds, boilers, barbeques, heaters, potbelly stoves and ovens. Heat Proof is self priming. Cap colour approximates paint colour.

Septone Hammer Finish

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Septone Hammer Finish is a self priming, rapid drying hammered metal look paint.

It is suitable for interior and exterior applications on both metal and timber surfaces. Once applied, it provides a tough, durable, anti-corrosive finish that is both decorative and hides surface imperfections. Available in 1 and 4 litres. It has different colours - metallic blue, charcoal, and silver. Cap colour approximates paint colour

Septone Subframe Black

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Subframe Black is a rapid drying satin black enamel paint designed for painting subframes, chassis, radiators, springs, axels and other automotive components that are normally finished in satin black.

Subframe Black offers excellent adhesion to both primed and unprimed metal surfaces. Available in 1 and 4 litres.

Septone Anti Silicone Additive 35ML

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Anti Silicone Additive is an additive for automotive paints that reduces the occurrence of fish eyes in the paint film which are the result of silicone contamination of the substrate.

Septone Contact Adhesive

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Septone Contact Adhesive is used to permanently contact bond a wide range of surfaces.

Surfaces includes vehicle upholstery, laminated plastic and rubber weather strips, leather, vinyl, canvas, rubber, glass, timber, MDF and particle board, cork, laminates, ceramic, vinyl flooring and urethane foam etc.

This product is heat and water resistant. Avaiable sizes 250 and 500ml.

Septone Guide Coat Black 4L

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Guidecoat (GMH) Flat Black is a sprayable quick drying Nitrocellulose lacquer paint.

It is used for painting sub-frames, radiators, boots, differentials and tailpipes. It may also be used as a sanding guidecoat. GMH Flat Black may also be applied by brush, or components may be dipped.