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Our Standard Trolleys come with the following listed options, as  illustrated in each picture. Please feel free to remove or add options from the Parts & Accessories listing.

Vincent Basic-2 Large Trolley

This trolley has two central storage areas and a 120L Foldable Bag Holder resting on a Bag Support Base. An economical large trolley that can be added to easilly.


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Vincent Safety-2 Large Trolley

By adding Rear Wall Panels and Side Doors you now have a safety version of this trolley. The bag holder and bag support base fold up for easy storage.


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George Concealed-1 Large Trolleys

With lockable central storage and a concealed area on top for cloths and chemicals, this is an economical microfibre cleaning trolley.


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George Concealed Tec-1 Large Trolleys

This trolley gives you lockable storage and traditional mopping options for cleaning any facility with large hard floors.

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Macquarie Triple-1 Large Trolley

By adding an extra central section you could add a shelved area for linen, or design your own infection cleaning trolley holding curtains and other items.


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Mater-4 Large Trolley

This is the trolley of choice for the ultimate in heathcare cleaning. Fully enclosed with everything locked and out of view.


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Mater-B4 Large Trolley with Lockable Compartment

This is the trolley of choice for the ultimate in healthcare cleaning. Fully enclosed with everything locked and out of view.


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Mater Safety Tec-1 Large Trolley

This fully enclosed trolley gives you our best lockable trolley with a traditional gear press mopping system, suitable for mopping large areas.


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Majestic Basic-1 Medium Trolley

120L Open Bag Holder sits on the Large Base, central open area for consumables, 4L buckets on top for cloths and two side basins for mop covers.


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Majestic Basic Extended-1 Medium Trolley

By placing the two Upright Frames at the back and adding a Bag Support Base, this trolley extends to allow for various options on the front.


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Majestic Safety-Hermetic Medium Trolley

120L Open Bag Holder holds 2 x 70L bags sitting on the Large Base. Central closed area for consumables makes this a safer option, 4L buckets on top with lids, and microfibre mops on the front.


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Majestic Safety Tec-1 Medium Trolley

With 120L Bag Holder on the back, the central area is moved to the back of the base allowing for a gear press wringer system on the front.


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Macquarie Basic-Hermetic-1 Medium Trolley

150L Closed Bag system on the back and a central open area for storage, allows for large waste collection as well as microfibre cleaning in an economical trolley.


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Macquarie Safety Extended-1 Medium Trolley

By adding a 1/2 Base Extension the 150L Closed Bag sits behind the large base allowing a safety consumables section and room for buckets or vacuum cleaners on the front.


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Macquarie Closed-Tec Medium Trolley

With a 150L closed bag, this trolley allows for small cleaning with maximum space for waste and a gear press bucket system on the front.


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Macquarie Elegance-4 Medium Trolley

Our standard trolley for Healthcare facilities, this trolley has waste and consumables behind closed doors with buckets on the front and top for microfibre cloths.


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Small Oscar Open -2 Trolleys

On a Small Base there is a 120L Bag Holder for waste and / or used microfibre, a Top Basin for 4L buckets and a side basin to place your microfibre mops.

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Emmaus Safety-1 Trolley

On a small base the two Upright Frames create a consumable trolley that can easily be added to.
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Emmaus Closed-2 Trolley

With a 150L closed bag this trolley allows for waste and used microfi-bre kept out of view, and microfibre cleaning as well.


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Oscar basic-1 Trolley

With two Upright Frames and a Hermetic Base extension this trolley allows for 120L waste options and central storage for consumables or chemicals.


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Oscar Basic-2 Small Trolley

With this 2 x 70L Bag Holder, you get the storage of a large trolley on a small base that can fit in most cleaners rooms.


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Emmaus Safety-2 Small Trolley

By adding a Rear Wall Panel and Side Door, your trolley can keep chemicals and consumables safely out of view and reach.


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Emmaus Safety Concealed-1 Small Trolley

By adding the Concealed Top Section, cloths, gloves and chemicals can be kept in a lockable compartment on top of your trolley.


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Bupa-2 Small Trolley

By adding a Rear Wall Panel and Side Door, your trolley can keep chemicals and consumables safely out of view and each. This trolley includes a 22L drawer for bin liners and  leaning tools and large area for consumables.


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Bupa-3 Small Trolley

Reduce bending by adding a 40L drawer for your consumables. This trolley includes a 120L lid to conceal waste and used microfibre.
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Bupa-4 Small Trolley

A divider can be added to allow for two 70L bags to separate waste and used microfibre. This trolley includes a desk compartment lid so staff can store and follow paper work.


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Alfred Basic-2 Recycling Trolleys

The dual 120L waste trolley sits on a small base and the Foldable Bag Holder and Hermetic base can be folded up to allow for storage in small areas.


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Alfred Basic-3 Recycling Trolleys

This Trolley has a 120L Bag option at either end and a 150L central bag section and can hold up to six seperate bags for recycling or linen options.


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Alfred Open Safety-4 Recycling Trolleys

With two 120L bag options at either end, the 150L central section can be split with a shelf to allow for some waste and also some storage behind the locked door.


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Joseph Safety-2 Recycling Trolleys

This fully closed two section waste trolley has one rear door and one side door and can be setup for waste or linen collection.


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Joseph Safety-3 Recycling Trolleys

By adding another 150L section you can build a fully closed waste trolley that can hold consumables, waste and cleaning tools all kept out of view.


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Joseph Safety-4 Recycling Trolleys

For those with wide corridors you can even add another section, resulting in this 4 section, fully closed waste trolley.


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Accu-Dose - Green

Accudose is a system that attaches to your trolley allowing precise and accurate dosing of your mops. No more pre-soaking procedures needed.