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Telescopic handles

The telescopic handle is designed with your cleaner in mind. Regardless of height, the Telescopic pole can be adjusted to suit each of your cleaners individually.

Wet System Light Flat Mop Frame

This frame snaps in half for easy wringing. Greater area of mop on floor compared to normal cotton mops. It can be wrung out in normal wringer bucket or flat mop roller wringer smart buckets.
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Clean N Dry for 868 Folding System

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Smart Scrub N Dry 868 Covers

For cleaning washroom and dirty areas that require scrubbing and to leave floors as dry as possible. These covers will scrub through grime and are available in washroom and general colours.

Tidie Handle Holders

Made from rubber and strong, hard, durable plastic, these  lamps are spring loaded for secure storage.


Tidie rails

Hold one or many Tidie Multi-Fit handle holders on your stainless steel Tidie-Rail. Available in 50cm or 90cm lengths.

Starter Pack - Tidie Handle Holder

Get started with the Tidie Handle Holder Starter Pack, including a 50cm Tidie Rail, and one Yellow, 1 Red, and 1 Blue Tidie Holder.
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Ergonomic Door Wedge

Ergonomic door wedge, hand held or on a handle, easily fits onto your trolley and allows you to wedge open doors where required without bending.