Window and Glass Chemicals


Halo Fast Dry Glass Cleaner - No Ammonia

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This is one of the best window and shiny surface cleaners ever made. Fast dry means window and glass mirrors can be cleaned in half the time. No residue, smear-free, pleasant deodorising fragrance. Speeds up the task of cleaning windows, shiny painted, laminated and chrome surfaces.

Halo is Ideal for General Cleaning:

Porcelain Floors
Tabletops and benches
Mirrors and Glass Refrigerators
Desks and Chairs
Fixtures and Fittings Automotive
Chrome and Stainless Steel
Aluminium Window Frames

Clear Reflections (Glass Cleaner)

Clear Reflections Window Cleaner is a fast drying, streak free formulation designed for cleaning windows, mirrors, computer screens, enamel, formica and many other surfaces. Clear Reflections Window Cleaner can be used to remove fingerprints and greasy marks from many surfaces.

Click here for Clear Reflections Glass Cleaner MSDS.

Cleaners Supermarket® Window Cleaner Ammonia Free

An ammonia free window cleaner best for mirrors, windows.

Liquid Gold Glass Cleaning Concentrate 1L and 5L

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4 IN 1 Professional window-cleaning/restoration concentrate,
Liquid Gold is all you will ever need.

Here’s our latest technology in window cleaning and restoration products. It’s a product that really does the job you want it to - and more because it makes you more money or saves you more money depending on what your business is.

A specially formulated glass restorer that is non-acid, non-alkaline. Helps remove salts and streaks that are deeply bonded to the glass. Ideal preventative maintenance product for use in SA or WA high mineral water.

Click here to download the Liquid Gold Material Safety Data Sheet

Sparkle 5L is now called Glance

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Sparkle is an ammonia based, non streaking glass cleaner that will clean all glass surfaces and chrome. Sparkle leaves a smear and strek free finish.

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Status Non Smear Glass Cleaner

Non Smear Glass Cleaner. Cleans and brightens all glass or glazed surfaces. Removes accumulated grease, grime, smoke and other soils. Doesn’t leave streaks, film or residue to cause resoiling.

Window Wash Concentrate 5L

Concentrated Formula. Non Streak with Ammonia. Fast cleaning action on window glass, porcelain, mirrors, laminates, tiles, sinks, baths, plastic furniture and metal cabinets. Removes finger marks, dust, oils and greases, lipstick and ink. Glass cleaner contains no waxes or oily substances, leaving a streak-free, sparkling clean surface every time.


Hard Water Powder Stain Remover

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Ettore Hound Dog Used to remove hard water stains from glass. Powder mixes into a paste and is rubbed onto the shaded glass.

Water Spot Remover 10oz Tub

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Water Spot Remover cuts through hard water deposits and soap scum. This paste is ideal for glass shower doors, windows, tile, porcelain, chrome and mirrors. It is abrasive-free and comes ready-to-use - no messy mixing! Wash away water spot build-ups from sprinkler over spray, chemicals and acid rain with our water spot remover. Removes water marks from hard water on shower screens.

Squeegee off by Ettore 946ml

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Squeegee-Off™ Cleaning Soap dissolves tough dirt, grime and grease leaving a streak-free shine. This 16 oz. concentrate is ammonia-free and biodegradable.low foaming

Unger Gel 500ml

High-yield – handles large areas.
Convenient: Apply directly onto washer.
Effective: High cleaning power.


Cretewash is a unique and safe formulation designed to remove dry set concrete without damage to the surface underneath.

Cretewash maybe used to remove concrete off painted surfaces such as color bond fence panels, trucks, cars, trailers and tools. Even on aluminium window frames, cretewash will not acid etch or stain.

Cretewash is biodegradable and safe to use without gloves.

Uses for Cretewash

•Concrete Removal - spray cretewash onto dry set concrete, allow to soak in and re apply to keep concrete moist. As cretewash is soaked in by the concrete it will start reversing the concrete to a mud like consistancy. For thick build ups allow time for cretewash to soak in.

•Cretewash is perfect to use in removal of accidental splashes of concrete on painted surfaces, aluminium window frames, vehicles or tools with rubber and other sensitive parts that other harsh acid systems would attack, stain and damage.

•For around the house cretewash is a fatanstic concrete path/driveway cleaner. Cretewash can be diluted with water and used on wetted concrete to clean inground dirt, tyre marks and browning of concrete to bring it back to newly laid concrete colour without harsh stripping of the surface.

•Cretewash has saved thousands in replacement of window frames covered in concrete render during construction, cleaning off the concrete and not damaging the frames.

•Perfect for daily wash down of tools like your wheelbarrow, trowels, moulds and formwork, that is user friendly and not a dangerous goods.

Gala - Gala Glass Cleaner 400g


Spray on, wipe off. Removes finger marks and oil dirt with ease. Excellent on all glass – windows, cupboard fronts, mirrors, glass shelves. Also suitable on stainless steel, chrome, laminates, glazed tiles, porcelain, bench tops. Should not be used on tinted windows, painted, lacquered or varnished surfaces.

Use of micro spray technology ensure the fine spray disperses efficiently and for best effectiveness.

Actichem Windowgleam Glass Cleaner


A professional non-smear, quick-dry window cleaner formulation for removing oily soils from windows, mirrors, stainless steel and most other smooth surfaces.  It quickly penetrates and removes grease and oily deposits. It leaves glass with a gloss, polished surface. It leaves no residue, surfaces stay cleaner longer. It has low in odour, very pleasant to use (Ammonia free.) It is well suited for use as a hard surface spray n wipe cleaner, and dries quickly and produces consistently good non-smear results.

Available in 5, 15 and 25 litres.

Glance NA Smartdose Glass & Surface Cleaner 1.4L

Glance NA, is a non ammoniated glass and multi-surface cleaner concentrate. It is suitable for use on all reflective surfaces, including glass, chrome and stainless steel. Available in 1.4L. It cleanly wipes and dries fast. It has a blue mild colour. This product meets Green Seal's environmental choice and Greenguard standards for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential.

Glance NA J-Flex Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner 2 x 1.5L


Glance Non-ammoniated glass and multi surface cleaner. It cleans and shines glass, mirrors, sinks, countertops, stainless steel. Non-streaking, non smearing, quick drying formula. Green Seal compliant.

Taski R3 - Plus Glass | Multi Surface Cleaner 1.5L

Taski R3 plus glass and multi surface cleaner concentrate. It is ideal for glass and other water resistant hard surface eg windows, mirrors, tiles. Use this with the Divermite dispenser.

Glance Multi Purpose Glass and Surface Cleaner

Multi-purpose glass & hard surface cleaner.  A powerful glass cleaner that cleans surface, a smear and streak free finish. It is spefically formulated non streaking glass cleaner that will clean all glass surfaces and chrome. Available in 5L, and 750ml with 3 triggers, or 9 triggers.

Glance HC Jf 2.5L Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner

Multi-purpose glass & hard surface cleaner

Glance NA Jf Non-ammoniated Glass Cleaner 2.5L

Non-ammoniated Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner - concentrate

Kitchen Hygiene D6 2L Multipurpose Glass Cleaner

Glass and hard surface cleaner, a ready to use spray cleaner for the streak-free cleaning of glass and other water resistant hard surfaces including windows, glazed ceramic and plastic surfaces.

Roomcare R3 Plus Glass | Multi Surface Cleaner 1.5L

Multi-surface cleaner concentrate for glass and other water-resistant hard surfaces formulated for use with the Johnson Diversey Divermite dispenser. Highly effective neutral product. It dries quickly without streakingm, and finger marks. It has a pleasant, fresh room care fragrance.

Easy spray-on, wipe-off action.

Cyclone Glass Cleaner

This glass cleaner is great for fast, easy, streak-free cleaning on even tough grease and grime on glass and other hard surfaces. Use Cyclone Glass Cleaner to remove grease and grim from mirrors and windows inside and out and water spots on chrome and stainless steel fixtures and fittings. Available in 750ml and 5L.

Windex Glass Cleaner

Great for fast, easy, streak-free cleaning on even tough grease and grime on glass and other hard surfaces. It is formulated with key ingredient, Ammonia-D that works on dirt before you wipe. WINDEX is trusted by generations of consumers for its streak-free shine. Available in 500ml and 750ml.