Nippers and Rubbish Picking Tools


Strong Arm Ergo-grabber Metal Handle with Metal or Plastic Tips

Suitable for picking up rubbish indoors and outdoors. Made with an anodised aluminium tube including integrated mechanism, galvanised head with clinched shells, plastic-coated grabbers, and an ergonomic galvanised metal tip.


90cm Strong Arm Trigger-Grabber

Suited for picking up rubbish indoors and outdoors, fitted with anti-slip, soft plastic-coated grabbers for fast work, including smooth surfaces like glass bottles.
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90cm Strong Arm Safety-Grabber

Ergo-Grabber with fluoro, ultra high-visibility coating. Suitable for picking up rubbish outdoors.
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45cm Strong arm handy-grabber

Minimise infection when picking up high bacterial and sharp items from urinals and sinks. Designed especially for the targeted emptying of rubbish bins or hygenic removal of urinal screens and blocks.

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Strong arm bag-holder

Ergonomic handle for holding rubbish bag. Designed for holding plastic rubbish bags open to make filling easy. The handle may be held upwards or downwards. Includes tension ring.
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