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Microfibre cloths are fantastic way to clean. Click on microfibre to see what they are all about. Cleaners Supermarket offers the largest selection of cleaning cloths, microfibre cloths and industrial specialty cloths. Not to forget the old chux style favorite .

Pack of 20

Prime Source All Purpose Wipes White 600x450mm

Tough, durable, and highly absorbent all purpose wipes which has antibacterial protection which help prevents growth of bacteria on the cloth.
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Prime Source Boxed White Wipes Box of 100

Hygienic, soft all purpose towel wipes are lint-free which are suitable for one-use wiping. It's great for use in healthcare, hospitality or janitorial applications.
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Turbo Wipers | Lint Free All Purpose Towel 200 Blue Wipes

Fast absorbent of both oil and water, tear resistant, dual textured lint free towels. It is excellent for a variety of wiping applications from easy to tough tasks.
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V-wipes Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes

V-Wipes hospital grade disinfectant wipes, you can now clean and disinfect surfaces. It has a unique pH neutral formula and high quality apetured fabric allow for fast, effective cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces within the healthcare environment.

Speedy Clean Neutral Detergent Wipes Pk 100

Speedy Clean Wipes are excellent ready-to-use hospital grade, anionic neutral detergent wipes which leaves a streak free finish on surfaces.
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Oxivir TB Wipes 12X160 Wipes

Hospital Grade Disinfectant. Oxivir™ Tb is a one step
disinfectant, cleaner and odour neutraliser. Wipes , TGA
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PVA Chamois in Cannister - 39.5x39.5cm

It is a man made chamois cloth contained in canister for easy storage. It is suitable for auto, cars, trucks, 4WD, boats, caravans etc. Its dimension is 39.5 x 39.5cm.

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PVA Perforated Chamois- 35x40cm

Man made chamois cloth suitable for cars, trucks, 4WD, etc. It comes in a pack of 10. Dimension is 35 x 40cm.

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CS RSC 500
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Perforated PVA Chamois Cloth 3pk - 72x54cm

This high quality PVA perforated chamois cloth has an excellent absorbency and softness. It is a pack of 3 premium grade soft cloths.
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Standard PVA Chamois Cloth Pack of 3 - 72x54cm

This high quality 72 x 54cm PVA perforated chamois cloth has an excellent absorbency and softness. It is a pack of 3 premium grade soft cloths.
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Fresh Surface Wipes Canister

100 ready to use surface cleaning wipes. 17.8cm x 20cm. The Sabco surface cleaning wipes have been specially formulated to dissolve and remove various soils.
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20 Pack 60cm Disposable Cloths

Disposable 60cm cloths ideal for quick clean ups. Effectively collects dust. For use with Oates® MF-012. Pack of 20.
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Alcohol Wipes - 2 pack

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Mr Clean Bbq & Oven Cloth

Cleaning power of microfibre. Abrasive power of polyester. It cuts through grease and grime with ease. It is machine washable.
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Sabco Giant Wipes Non-woven Pack of 30

Sabco's 50gsm non-woven all purpose wipes are hygienic, extra strong and absorbent. These wipes are ideal for home, office and commercial use. All purpose, use anywhere and reusable. Cloth size is 45 x 60cm. Available in blue, green, and red colours.

Pro Val WP Solvent Resistant Wipes 35cm x 30cm

Pro Val WP Solvent Resistant Wipes are tough, durable, and economical wipe. These absorb 7 times more than its own weight.

White Magic Microfibre Eco Dish Drying Mat 45 x 40cm

The Dish Drying Mat is a new solution to an age old tradition of placing towels on the counter when hand washing pots, pans, dishes and glassware.

White Magic Eco Cloth Coffee Machine 2 Pack 32x32cm

The Eco Coffee cloth is super absorbent for spills and residue. It is made with nano silver the cloth will stay fresher for longer. The Polishing cloth dries and cleans shiny surfaces streak free.
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Pack of 6

White Magic Eco Cloth Kitchen Care Pack

How to keep all your kitchen surfaces clean? Here's the ultimate and effective chemical free cleaning kit in one pack with strong vibrant colours. It contains everything you need.

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White Magic Eco Cloth Washing Up Pad 15 x 9cm

White Magic Eco Cloth Washing Up Pad is the ultimate dual sided cleaning tool that can scrub and wipe any mess in your sink.

White Magic Eco Scrubby 20 x 18cm

White Magic Eco Scrubby is made from 100% corn starch and natural material. It is tough enough to scrub burnt in mess, while being gentle enough to be used on non-stick cookware.
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