Specialties & Leather Products

Leather care is an area that is largely neglected by chemical companies, because it is specialist technology, luckily, you are dealing with Actichem.

Actichem products that are guaranteed to make your job easier! Special oxygen booster product; special colloidal booster product and a de-foamer that is available in a powder or liquid, for your convenience.


Actichem Foamex Liquid Defoamer

Liquid Defoamer Concentrate A professional defoaming liquid for efficient collapsing of foam in wands, hoses and recovery tanks. 


Actichem Foamex Powder Defoamer Concentrate

Actichem’s AP436 Foamex Powder is a professional anti-foaming powder which prevents foam from forming in wants and hoses.


Actichem Oxyboost Oxygen Powered Destainer and Booster

Actichem's AP445 OxyBoost is a powerful oxygenated compound which is potentiated to ensure delivery of maximum oxygen activity whether you are removing stains or boosting cleaning solutions.


Actichem Colloidal Boost Cleaning Solution Booster Addictive

AP475 Colloidal Boost is a concentrated blend of the best of modern cleaning and stain removal technology.


Actichem Leather Cleaning Cream Heavy Duty

AP485 Leather Cleaner is mild cleaning agents, mild pH. It will affectively & gently cleans leather.


Actichem Leather Cleaner | Leather Cleaning Cream

AP488 Leather Cleaner is mild cleaning agents, mild pH.


Actichem Leather Conditioner

Actichem's Leather Conditioner contains mild conditioning agents.

Actichem Fire Fix 5L - Powerful Cleaner for Fire

Actichem's Fire Fix, a powerful cleaner for heavy-duty cleaning and fire restoration.

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