The Actichem deodorizer range is the perfect defense against mal-odours and infections. A high performance range of specialist odour control and odour elimination products for every application. In this section you will find products like “Biosan”, that have been TGA tested for bacteria removal and ultra effective odour control.


Actichem Deofresh Citrus Deodoriser & Neutraliser

Premium multi-task deodorizer, ideal for routine deodorization and mal-odour control, and fragrance boost for cleaning solutions.


Actichem Deosan Powerful Anti-microbial Odour Eliminator

Anti-microbial odour neutralizer. A unique chemistry, providing the contractor with a powerful anti-microbial spray for flood work, urine, feces, sewerage, pets, flooding etc.


Actichem Biosan Anti-microbial Decontamination Sanitizer

Biosan is highly concentrated professional sanitizer with super wetting properties for decontamination work.