Within this section you can get all the information you may need about the most talked about presprays on the market, partnered by a highly concentrated presprays for restaurants, and other products that are guaranteed to help make your job easier and faster.


Actichem Lavender Pro Economic Carpet Prespray

A premium quality, professional strength prespray cleaner which provides outstanding cleaning results on medium to heavily soiled and greasy carpets.


Actichem Perform Professional Strength Prespray

A highly concentrated professional pre-spray with a low-cost price tag, gives contractors an efficient work horse for heavily soiled carpets.


Actichem Performance Plus Wool Safe Prespray

The ultimate multi-task pre-spray with anti-resoiling polymer technology. Safe to use on wool.

Actichem Performance Gold Heavy Duty Carpet Prespray

High concentration pre-spray with a unique blend of grease cutting chemistry, balanced alkalinity and polymers, provide the power to tackle the worst soil build up.

Actichem Clean Force Enzyme Carpet Prespray Powder

Enzyme carpet pre-spray powder. A super concentrated pre-spray powder with powerful enzyme cleaning action for tackling tough organic and greasy soiling.

Actichem Polyprop Plus Double strength Carpet Cleaner

It has advanced cleaning chemistry which effortlessly releases oily and tracked-in soils from the difficult-to-clean olefin fibres .