Handles - Mops and Brooms

Oates Telescopic Decitex Handle

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A lightweight aluminium handle which is suitable for heavy duty commercial use. It is colour coded to help avoid the risk of cross contamination between work areas. Handle can extend up to 1.6m

SABCO Professional Metal Handle

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25 x 1400MM – no thread. Recommended Handle for all Sabco Professional Brooms. 

MR CLEAN Angle Broom

Mr Clean
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MR CLEAN Angle Broom is perfect for indoor environment. It has a 37cm broom head with silver grey bristles length 14cm - 18cm and frayed ends.
MR Clean Angle room enables you to clean hard to reach areas due to its long handle.

Timber Handle 22 and 25mm Staff Hole

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Available 25x1830mm (no endcap), 25x1500mm (with endcap), and 22x1200mm (with endcap).

Oates Powder Coated Metal Handles - Multifit Extension

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Multifit Extension Handle is suitable for household brooms and window washers with a 22mm ferrule. It can be fitted to brooms featuring a 25mm socket with the use of a ferrule reducer.