Dustpans | Lobby Sweeping

Plastic Dustpan

It has durable high grade plastic. Its side ridges are designed to effectively clean bristles.


Compact Dustpan Set

Compact Dustpan Set ideal for caravans, camping and home.

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Soft Grip Superior Dustpan Set

Soft Grip Superior Dustpan Set. Over moulded ergonomic grip. It has electrostatic properties in rubber edge for easier rubbish collection. It is suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

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Dustpan and Bannister Set

Commercial grade quality and size plastic dustpan & brush set, offered in a choice of five colours, all nylon fill brush.

Electrostatic Plus Dustpan and Brush Set

Electrostatic Plus Dustpan and Brush Set. It has electrostatic properties attract & remove sand, dirt and pet hair from carpet and upholstery.

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Ultimate Dustpan Set

Ultimate Dustpan Set features a larger pan and thick fill bannister brush. Dense flagged bristles effectively trap dirt. Ideal for caravans, camping and home.

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Fire & Household Shovel

Fire & Household Shovel. It has rubber grip and metal pan. Its concaved sides hold material in the pan.

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Metal Dustpan

Hard wearing metal dustpan. It has a plastic handle. Durable design great for fire and BBQ areas.

Dimensions: W240 x D330 x H97mm

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Slimline Lobby Pan Set

It has double barred handle and it folds for easy storage on a cart. It has medium stiff bristles to collect large particles. Lightweight and easy to use.

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Lobby Pan Set with Swivel Head Broom

This broom has Swivel head for ease of use. Pan Dimensions: H 900 x W 300 x D 295mm. Broom Dimensions: H 923 W 287 x D 53mm.

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Outdoor Lobby Pan Set

It has industrial strength, ideal for outdoor use. It has stiff bristles effectively collect large particles.

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Upright Lobby Pan Metal

It has metal pan features lid to hold contents to ensure no spillage out of pan.

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Extra Stiff Lobby Pan Broom

Its extra stiff angled bristles collect large particles and get into hard to reach places.

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Soft Fill Lobby Broom

Soft Fill Lobby Broom has Swivel head for ease of use. Plastic stock. Dimensions: H 923 x W 287 x D 53mm.

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Commercial Lobby Pan Broom

It has industrial strength aluminium handle. Its stiff angled bristles ideal for collecting large particles. It is designed to clip onto the handle of Oates Commercial Lobby Pan (B-11114).

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Value Dustpan Set

Compact and light weight dustpan. It has side ridges that effectively clean the brush and remove hair.
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Oates Extra Large Dustpan Set

It has durable bristles for thorough sweep. It has side ridges that can effectively clean the brush and remove hair. 

Dimensions: W340 x D394 x H118mm
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Oates Professional Enclosed Plastic Dustpan

Professional enclosed plastic dustpan is ideal for removing large amounts of debris. Colour coded hand brush to help reduce the risk of contamination between different working areas.