MR CLEAN Microfibre Dust Buster

MR CLEAN Microfibre Dust Buster a great product to use for removing dust, pet hair and debris.
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Oates 50cm Wool Duster

50cm Wool Duster. Premium wool fibres capture fine dust and lint for attracts dust and lint. Washable. Assorted colours randomly packed.

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Wool Duster 1.8 Metre Extension Handle

Premium wool fibres capture fine dust and lint for a thorough clean. Ideal for use on delicate surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.

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Soft Grip Electrostatic Duster

Soft Grip Electrostatic Duster. Over moulded ergonomic grip. Fibres attract dirt, dust and hair. It is suitable for general cleaning & blinds.

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Oates Large feather duster

Large Feather Duster comes from genuine ostrich feathers. When using it, dust is trapped within the feathers resulting for a thorough clean.

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Microfingers Flexible Duster w/ Extension Handle

Flexible head for hard to reach places. Unique microfingers trap dust and allergens. Long lasting, machine washable. Handle extends to 2.1 metres.
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White Magic Mini Blind Duster

The Eco Cloth fibres grip and hold dust off blinds of any type. This mini blind duster will not scratch and will buff whilst cleaning.
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Oates 2-in-1 Microfibre Spray Cleaner

This 2-in-1 microfibre spray cleaner attracts and lifts dirt while protecting surfaces. It is handy, soft, gentle, and scratch free cleaner.
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