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Handy Caddy

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Ideal carry for small tools and small spray bottles and wipes. Molded from good quality plastic.

Fits onto cleaning carts to make an integral part of your cleaning system.

Dimensions: W280x D400mm x H120mm

Spreadr Plastic Spreading Spatula Knife

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Ideal for commercial kitchens and canteens. Spreads topping thin and even. No sharp edges, ideal for kids.

 42mm x 6mm x 205mm. Now the kids can make their own lunches!


Edco Skrapr Scraper

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Cleans glass, floors, pots, ovens, grills. No sharp edges. Dishwasher safe

Soap Dispenser DC800

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Easy to install and operate.Refillable internal tank . 

DC800 Soap Dispenser Bladder

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DC800 Soap Dispenser Tap

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Sweet Lu Blue

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Toilet blue that goes in the cistern. Added surfactants to keep the bowl clean and with a nice smell each flush.
Can last up to 3 months!Simply pop out the 2 little tabs on the lid and place in cistern away from float.

Sweet Lu Clear

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All the benefits of the above product, without the blue Colour.

Sweet Lu Slim Line Blue

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Made with plastic container. Slimmer for wall cisterns or narrower units seen in smaller areas.

Sweet Lu Slim Holder

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Used to secure the slim lu in plastic container, to the side of the cistern. This helps the slim lu stay away from the float when it becomes lighter as time goes on.

Edco Merri Loo In-Cistern Toilet Cleaning Capsule - Pk3

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Edco Merri Loo is a simple to use, hygienic and super effective in cistern tablet. .
The soluble wrapper means it is simple to use and mess free. The custom formulation is designed to reduce the effort and frequency required for manual toilet cleaning. In an easy to store 3 pack

Fresh Press Laundry Bag Large

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Ideal to put all your Microfibre cloths and mop heads in and simply throw into washing machine.
Helps mop strands stop fouling in machine or becoming tangled. 65 x 48cm

Fresh Press Laundry Bag Small

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Ideal to put all your Microfibre cloths and mop heads in and simply throw into washing machine. Helps mop strands stop fouling in machine or becoming tangled.

Peg Bag Cloth

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Dimensions 220mm x 450mm. Assorted colours. Type preferred Colour in       " notes to us" in the checkout area.

Peg Basket Plastic

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Robust design and easy to assemble. Hangs on standard lines. 150mm x 200mm x 250mm

Fresh Press Cotton Ironing Board Cover

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Assorted colours and designs, washable. Fits 38cm x 138cm boards

Fresh Press n Stick Metallized Ironing Board Cover

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Metalised non stick cover. Fits 38cm x 137cm Boards.

Fresh Press Felt Underlay for Ironing Boards

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Fits standard boards, can be trimmed to suit various shapes.

Fresh Press Ironing Boar Cover with Underlay

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Premium metalised board cover with underlay. Cover reflects heat back for smooth finishes. Velcro strap fasteners provided.

Draingo Dish Drainer

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Large plastic coated, will not hurt chinaware.

Stainless Steel Dish Drainer

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Quality stainless steel resists rust. Easy to clean, large capacity with rubber non marking feet.

Blat Fly Swat

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100mm x 6mm x 390mm long handle.

Merrifresh Damp Absorber 300g

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It helps get rid of moisture and damp odours. It can last up to 2 months or more.