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Heavy Duty Lobby Pan Broom With Handle

Medium stiff bristles trap particles and litter, works with the Edco lobby pan.
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Metal Lobby Pan with Wheels

Heavy duty angled pan with lip.Easy roll wheels, ideal for those larger jobs. 320mm wide a x 260mm high with a 100cm high timber handle.
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Metal Dust Pan with Lid

Heavy duty all metal construction, self closing lid. Ideal all in one heavy duty unit.
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Metal Dust Pan Platform Scoop with Wooden Handle

Suitable for building site work and for multiple person use where you don't need to spend a lot of money, but you need to get the job done.
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General Purpose Lobby Pan

The brush clip is integrated into the pistol style grip on this lobby pan. Large pan capacity.


Deluxe Lobby Pan with Hanger and Pistol Grip

This lobby large dust pan is the one pictured on the right side with hanger hole in handle.

Heavy Duty Pick Up Tool | Handy Gripper

Pistol grip operation for comfort. Soft cups for the right kind of rubbish. Great for beer cans and plastic cups after raving or proper rock and roll like a radiators/angels,midnight oil gig.
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Handy Gripper 70cm

Squeegee grip operation for easy use. This item should be around the $25.00 mark, however cleaners supermarket has been forced to sell at this price.
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Handy Gripper 100cm

Squeeze grip operation for easy use. Plastic tips are replaceable, however the nipper normally gets broken before these tips are due to be replaced.
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Handy Grippper Replacement Tips

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Dust Pan and Brush Set

Premium quality brush and pan set. Pan with rubber lip.