Glass Racks I OptiClean™

Bottom grid allows for free flow of water and air. Keeps flatware in place for thorough washing and drying. Perfect for utensils, ramekins, and other small items. NSF Listed

OptiClean™ Combination/Flatware Rack

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OptiClean™ All-Purpose Plate & Tray Rack

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OptiClean™ Tall Peg Plate & Tray Rack

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OptiClean™ Open/Bowl Rack - Carlisle Blue

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Opticlean Rack 20 Compartment Cup Carlisle Blue

16-Compartment holds larger diameter cups and mugs in tilted position; compartment size: 4-11/32" x 4-11/32. Tilted design promotes thorough washing of rims and interiors. Encourages bases to drain more efficiently.
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OptiClean - Open Glass Rack Extender - Carlisle Blue

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Opticlean 25 Compartment Glass Rack

Use for large diameter beverage glasses, red wine stems, goblets, and most rocks glasses. Accommodates glasses up to 3-1/4" in diameter. Compartment size: 3-1/2" x 3-1/2".
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