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Wringer Bucket Spares

OAIW-010-F Plastic Fixed Roller Fits Duraclean Buckets



Oates Extension Poles

Lightweight aluminium two section pole with locking sleeve for added strength. Ideal for high reach window cleaning, dusting and wall washing.

2 Piece- features 2 x 3 foot poles (2 x 0.9m). Dimensions: H 1.8m (max) x W 30mm x D 30mm

3 Piece- features 3 x 4 foot poles (3 x 1.2m). Dimensions: H 3.6m (max) x W 35mm x D 35mm

Universal Handle Adaptor

To be used in conjunction with the Moerman range & Oates Telescopic Extension Poles:
B-60115 DuraClean1.8m Telescopic Extension Pole
B-60116 DuraClean 3.6m Telescopic Extension Pole
B-60120 Contractor 1.8m Telescopic Extension Pole
B-60121 Contractor 3.6m Telescopic Extension Pole

Compatible with most major brands

Dimensions: W32 x D32 x H145mm

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Oates Duraclean Aluminium Handle 25mm x 1350mm

Duraclean Aluminium Handle. Anodised aluminium. Non-rust. It is deal for extra heavy commercial use. Extra thick wall depth makes handle more robust.

Oates Powder Coated Metal Handles - Multifit Extension

Multifit Extension Handle is suitable for household brooms and window washers with a 22mm ferrule. It can be fitted to brooms featuring a 25mm socket with the use of a ferrule reducer.

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Oates Bamboo Handle -Lacquered

Composite bamboo and timber handle for superior strength, flexibility and durability.

Oates Threaded Adaptors Fits 22mm Socket

Threaded Adaptor is designed to allow 25mm handles to be fitted to 22mm sockets. Autoclavable.  Autoclavable. ...ow 25mm handles to be fitted to 22mm sockets. Autoclavable. OAB-12147B /G/ R/ Y /W

Oates Broom Stay or Bracket

Broom Bracket is ideal for handle reinforcing.

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Ferrule Reducer

This is to be used in conjunction with a 25mm ferrule to enable a 22mm threaded handle.
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Reversible Ferrule Thread

This reversible ferrule is ideal for fitting handles to timber backed brooms. Available in 22mm and 25mm. Available colours are blue, green, red, white, and yellow.

Hygiene Threaded Adaptor

Male US thread and female Euro thread allows products with US thread to be fitted to 22mm Euro handles.
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Hygiene Threaded Adaptor

Male Euro thread changes a female US thread which allows a mulittutde of products with Fine Euro  thread to be fitted to handles with US thread (includes SYR handle)

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Handle Caps Fits 25mm Handles

Handle Cap that can be used with 25mm handles. Autoclavable.


Oates Powder Coated Steel Handle with Blue Thread

It is designed to have powder coating to prevent premature rust.

Oates Dust Control Mop Handle

This is designed for use with SM-162 & SM-165. Poweder coated to prevent premature rust. Dimensions: H 1.46m x W 25mm

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Oates Hygiene Grade 1.5m Aluminium Handle

Hygiene Grade 1.5m Aluminium Handle. Durable, will withstand everyday use. Aluminium handle with white thread and end cap. US thread.

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Aluminium Handle with Blue Cap

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DuraClean Aluminium Handle White Stock Room

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1.5m Aluminium Flat Mop Handle

It is ideal for use with Oates 600mm Mega Flat Mop Range. It is available in different colours to help avoid the risk of cross contamination between different areas.

Oates Telescopic Decitex Handle

A lightweight aluminium handle which is suitable for heavy duty commercial use. It is colour coded to help avoid the risk of cross contamination between work areas. Handle can extend up to 1.6m

Bamboo Handle 1.5mx25mm Lacquered

Composite bamboo and timber handle for superior strength and durability. Materials sourced from renewable plantations.

Oates Professional Aluminium Handle with Plastic Sleeve

Anodised aluminium handle and polypropylene coloured sleeve. Colour coded to help reduce the risk of cross contamination between working areas.

Val Powder Coated Handle 1.4m x 25mm

A 1.4m x 25mm powder coated handle for value commercial cleaning. It is colour coded to reduce risk of cross contamination between different working areas.

DuraClean Aluminium Handle

DuraClean Aluminium Handles from Oates are very ideal for heavy duty commercial use. These are available in coloured range to avoid cross contamination between different work areas.