Large Mop bucket with handle wringer

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Arguably the best press wringer bucket on the Australian market when it comes to value for money.

Available in the standard range of colours including white. This bucket is innovative and strong. Also ideal for users with back or shoulder problems. A popular choice amongst ergonomic cleaning tools for rehabilitation worksafe. No more unsturdy balancing or muscle stress while wringing out your mop.

Edco Enduro Nylon Wringer bucket

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Heavy duty nylon and corrosive mechanism with easy to clean features.

Double sided non slip foot pedal for right or left foot operation. Easy glide ergonomic wringer action. Soft under pads for grip and stability while in use. HACCP approved, non-marking wheels with Colour coded integrated handles.


16 litre Wringer Bucket

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Heavy duty economical metal mechanism. Double sided non slip operation for left or right legged operators. Superior roller attachment, easy to clean.
Non marking easy glide wheels. Haccp approved. 315mm x 385mm

Edco Enduro Press Wringer and Bucket

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Complete Edco Enduro Bucket and Wringer Unit designed for Ergonomic Mop Wringing.

Edco Enduro Wringer and Bucket features tap and bung for ease of emptying dirty water.Sediment trap to keep dirt particles from rising up in bucket. Removable spacer in wringer to allow more effective wringing of larger and smaller mops
• Non-marking wheels with smooth operation
• Features handy removable bucket to carry clean water or cleaning tools
• 1 Year Warranty *Conditions Apply
• HACCP Approved
• Removable and reversible 8ltr handy bucket for tools and extra water
• Full Spare parts support

Edco Enduro Wringer and Bucket is ideal for all large institutions, offices, schools and hospitals.

Enduro Press Mop Bucket Parts

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Not only does the Edco Enduro press mop bucket provide exceptional one off value for money purchasing at Cleaners Supermarket, we offer a range of spare parts which most other buckets in this style just cant provide.
When originally conceived by Edco, this bucket not only had to meet or exceed the competitors buckets, but rather a special back up of spares which ultimately makes this bucket the leader in its field. For example, recently we had a customer bring the wringer section back after 9 months. EDCO replaced the wringer and repaired the gearing. They really do stand by their products.

Enduro Press Small Buckets

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Note: Pic is of  complete bucket. We are describing the little bucket that goes on the front.

Edco 16L Wringer Mop Bucket Spares

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Rectangle All Purpose Bucket 11lt

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For general purpose cleaning and window cleaning. Various colours for your code of practice. Takes a 35cm window washer.

Squeeze Mop Bucket Blue

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A general purpose bucket for use in all areas. Ideal to compliment squeeze mop ranges or to place on janitors carts. Strong handle and pouring spouts.

Squeeze Mop Bucket Red

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A general purpose bucket for use in all areas. Ideal to compliment squeeze mop ranges or to place on janitors carts.
Strong handle and pouring spouts.  Dimensions: W340mm x D230mm X H215mm

Handy Step Bucket - 9 Litre

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Strong universal mop bucket for smaller mop heads up to 300G .Single foot operation for safe and study use.

9 Litre Round Super Tough Bucket

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Strong round bucket with pouring spout. Superior Material bale to withstand boiling water. UV Stable plastic( for those who wish to use this bucket outside )

Deluxe 22 Litre Yellow Bucket Only

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Ideal for window cleaning applications. Can accommodate 45cm Washers. Complete with sediment trapping grid on the bottom.
Optional wheels available.  Dimensions: W265x L550mm x H265mm

Small Swivel Wheel for Janitor Cart,Scissor Trolley and Yellow Bucket

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