Small up to 94mm Wide

Window Scraper–Grey Carded 100mm (4”)

Quick Press button blade change. Store with blunt edge out. Scrape with sharp edge out.

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Blue Handy Scraper 80mm

Quality made in Denmark. Comes with replaceable safety cap.
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Unger Safety Scraper Blades

•Effective: Razor edge (one side)
•Safe: Single edge razor blade with alu holder.
•Convenient: Easy to replace.
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Unger Ergo Safety Scraper

Ergonomic scraper with safety mechanism.
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Sorbo 6in Scraper with Holster Complete

Sorbo 6" stainless steel scraper with an adjustable angle handle for pole work.
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Small Scraper - 38mm Blade with Single Replacement Blade

General purpose scraper with 1.5" (38mm) blade. Replacement blades available (5 pack)