Mr LongArm

Together with its parent company, Specialty Products, Mr Longarm have been manufacturing extension poles, painting tools, window washing equipment and tools since 1958. The first to offer telescoping extension poles, they continue to lead the industry in product development. In 1993 Mr Longarm began using composite technology in the manufacturing process of the extension pole for increased strength, durability, rigidity and versatility. located in a small town called Greenwood Missouri just out side Kansas City. So when your thinking of the best extension pole and equipment, just click your heels together three times and say: I wish i was in Kansas! but really you don't have to now, just come into Cleaners Supermarket or order online.. Mr Longarm is not in Kansas anymore Toto! The products are being proudly stocked and represented in Australia by


Non Conductive Extension Poles

A smooth round fibreglass handle with a smooth rubber hand grip. 3.2 cm in diametre fiberglass extension pole. The inner extension is 2.5 cm diametre. Wont conduct electricity up to 240V if not contaminated with moisture, water or other conductive liquids. The Nylar thread accepts lock clip on Mr LongArm bulb changers to prevent loosening during use. The end thread is typically AMCE or US thread , which is what most people refer to as the thicker thread for paint rollers. This thread is able to be converted to the EURO fine thread which is the same thread as a standard commercial mop handle.

Triple Reach Bulb Changer Kit

No Metal Parts ! Mr. LongArm non-conductive* extension pole and bulb changer kit lets you change bulbs SAFER, faster and easier.

3 section x 1.2m = 3.6m reach approx

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Smart® Bulb Changers

Patented quick release design allows the user to easily remove and replace hard-to-reach light bulbs while standing in one position.


PRO-LOK® Extension Poles

Aluminium - Fluted Fiberglass. The aluminium slider and fiberglass handle combination ensures that extension poles are better balanced and more rigid when telescoped.

Bug Washer and Squeegee Combo

200mm scrubber sponge on one side, flip over for squeegee on other side.Removes the toughest dirt. This product can screw onto any pole with AMCE US Thread. the thicker paint roller style thread. It can be converted to screw onto the finer EURO thread with the addition of an adaptor which is in more details. Note: the price displayed is for the head only.

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Tapered Adaptors

Have a standard AMCE U.S Style 3/4" thread ( paint roller type thread ) Available in wood or plastic. These adaptor can be used on finer Euro thread with the aid of another adaptor which we will add to the more details section here.

HydraSoar® Flow-thru Extension Poles

HydraSoar extends your reach for difficult exterior cleaning jobs. Excellent for

cleaning windows, awnings, solar panels, boats, automobiles and other large vehicles. HydraSoar attaches to a standard garden hose and is complete with a water control shutoff valve to help conserve water. The HydraSoar handle is well insulated with a non-slip foam grip and utilizes an external chuck and collect locking device. Two section poles are available in three lengths and fit all of our chemical resistant, flow-thru cleaning brushes.


Bi-Level Flow-Thru Cleaning Brush

Bi-level brushes offer dual cleaning surfaces for hard-to-reach areas. 200mm 10" non-restrictive, bi-level

flow-thru brushes fit all Mr. LongArm extension poles, utility poles and flow-thru extension poles.

• Chemical resistant materials work well with most common cleaning agents.

• Lightweight brushes float in water.

• Includes a removable brush hanger for use with pegboard or to hang for drying.



Regular Flow-Thru Cleaning Brushes

200mm  non-restrictive, flow-thru brushes fit all Mr.LongArm extension poles, utility poles and flow-thru extension poles. Chemical resistant materials work well with most common cleaning agents. Plastic blocks are durable and lightweight. Full rubber bumper prevents scratching and includes hang hole for use with pegboard or to hang for drying.


Woodmates Telewash Water Fed System

Outdoor living spaces have become an important part of our homes. But caring for these spaces can be a real challenge. The Telewash quickly cleans many outdoor surfaces including wood, composite, brick, stone, tile and concrete. Telewash is the perfect wood deck prep tool. It won’t damage wood the way pressure washers can and its stiff bristles gently remove stubborn dirt while the water washes it away. Use TeleWash with a deck cleaner to help bring back woods’ natural beauty and prepare it for staining. Telewash attaches to a standard garden hose and has an on/off  valve to adjust the water flow and help conserve water. It has an ergonomic rubber nonslip grip and is made of anodized aluminum which won’t rust. Its handle easily adjusts from 3 to 5 feet in length. The ergonomic brush design cleans under deck rails, gets into corners and helps push debris out of the way. The brush is chemical resistant so it can be used with many types of cleaners..

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Angle Adaptor

Adaptor adjusts threaded tools to proper angle when used with an extension pole. Universal threaded end fits any standard threaded extension pole.Set and lock angle in 13 different working positions.
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Brush and Tool Holder

Brush and tool holder allows you to use a variety of tools with extension poles for hard-to-reach places.

Universal threaded end fits any standard threaded extension pole. Set and lock in 13 different working positions
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Flow through angle adaptor

Fits all Mr. LongArm extension poles, utility poles, flow-thru extension poles and brushes. Allows user to change the angle of a brush or redirect the flow of water up to 270°.

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ProCurve® Window Cleaning System

Window Cleaning is faster, safer and easier with the ProCurve® System by Mr. LongArm

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, so cleaning them can be a time consuming, arduous task if using traditional window cleaning tools. To get this task completed in a faster, safer and easier way, use the patented ProCurve System.

The ProCurve System features a squeegee/washer handle that rotates smoothly on the specially designed tapered fitting of the ProCurve extension pole.

The curved design of the pole allows the user to accurately control the position of the tool for additional speed and ease of cleaning. The ProCurve Window Cleaning System has distinct advantages over the traditional method of cleaning windows. With the ProCurve System you can clean windows from top to bottom without removing the squeegee handle from the extension pole, saving time and reducing stress in the user’s back and shoulders. Easily wash windows of all sizes and shapes including solariums and atriums. Allows user to reach around any obstructions, such as, flowers, shrubs, statuary, etc.

The ProCurve System’s ergonomic design speeds the cleaning process and reduces fatigue.


Mr.LongArm Pro-Curve® Squeegee and Washer

Patented Ergonomic Window Cleaning Washers & Squeegees

The patented Pro-Curve® squeegee and washer handle rotates smoothly on the specially designed taper fitting of the Pro- Curve® and Ergo-Curve® extension poles. Pro-Curve® squeegees and washers can also be used with many traditional style extension poles and most brands of  squeegee channels.

Pro-Curve® Replacement Adaptor

Fits Pro-Curve extension poles. Easily replaces an adaptor that becomes worn due to excessive use. Tapered adaptor fits the Pro-Curve squeegee/washer handle and also incorporates standard threads for other accessory tools.
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Twist-Lok Steel

Twist-lok Steel, a quality coated steel construction, most economical light duty extension pole. It is made in Italy. Its Nylar threaded end fits all types of threaded poles. Internal twist-lok locking device which locks at any extended length. It is ideal for use with lightweight painting and staining tools it also works well with our dusters. Available in 2-4ft/0.6-1.2m, and 3-6ft/0.9-1.8m.

Mini-Wash Extension Pole 1 to 2 Feet

Water-fed telescoping extension pole with insulated foam grip. It attaches to a standard hose, and features a flow control shut off valve. This mini-wash has a twist lock mechanism which easily adjusts to length.
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Mini Wash Flow Thru Brush 5 in / 12.5cm

It has plastic block with rubber bumper prevents scratching. Lightweight brushes float in water. Chemical resistant materials work well with many cleaners. Flow-thru threaded brushes fit all Mr. LongArm flow-thru and regular extension poles. Soft blue for use on fiberglass, windows, wheels, and other surfaces. This is for detailing and getting to small crevices that larger brushes simply can’t.


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Telewash Water Fed Extension Pole 3'-5'

Water-fed telescoping extension pole extends 3'-5'. It is attaches to standard garden hose with a flow control shut-off valve in order to adjust the water flow and help conserve water. It fits Mr. LongArm flow-thru brushes. For outdoor cleaning, Telewash will help you get it done easier, safer and faster.
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Cup Letter Changer | Suction Cup Adaptor

You can choose from a single 3.5” suction cup fits most standard signage letters or order a double 3.5” suction cup for larger sizes. For use with Mr. LongArm extension poles.

Lightweight Floor Squeegee 18 in | 45cm

This 18 inch Lightweight Floor Squeegee is made of tough plastic with rubber blade. It has standard threads which fits any standard threaded utility handle and extension poles.
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Ostrich Feather Duster 12 in / 30 cm

This Ostrich feather duster attaches to an extension pole and makes dusting those hard-to-reach areas quick and easy.
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Lambs Wool Duster 12 in / 30 cm

Natural lambs wool duster with bendable spine, great for ceiling fans. Cleans with mild soap and water.
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Deck Stain Applicator Kit 9 in

Woodmates 9in Deck Stain Applicator Kit includes Standard 9″ Deck Stain Applicator but also included is our Contour Stain Applicator and our Double-end Stain Applicator. It has everything to get your deck staining project off the ground. These tools will let you cover every board, spindle, nook and cranny.
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Pro Design Bucket

A rectangular bucket with 6 gallon capacity with handle is ideal for use with many types of cleaning tools such as brushes, window washing tools, floor squeegees and more. Made of sturdy non-toxic materials. Optional accessories sold separately or in the complete bucket combo.

ProDesign Bucket dimension is  19 x 10 x 10 in / 48 x 25 x 25 cm.

Smart -Wall Kit 4.4in - 11.8in | Temporary Barrier System

The Smart-Wall Kit from Mr LongArm is the easiest, quickest to install and  most cost effective temporary barrier solution. It is ideal for painting and light construction projects. It helps control dust and protect furniture or other items from dust and paint.

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Floor Display

Mr. LongArm’s compact floor ­displays require only 1-1 ⁄ 2 square feet of floor space.

Water-fed Tool Floor Display (blue ML002H) that can hold and organize up to 12 water-fed or regular extension poles. ML0072 (yellow & black) holds 24 regular extension pole.
Both are sturdy, lightweight storage stand requires minimal floor space. Oblong holes fit flow-thru poles with a shut-off valve. It is very easy to clean. No tools required to assemble.


Double End Stain Applicator

Double end stain applicator has two pad sizes that are designed to stain the small hard to reach details on wood decks and fences. The super tear-resistant Flextech™ pads last longer than regular foam brushes, even when used on rough wood. Soft touch grip areas for secure handling.

Basic Deck Stain Applicator 18cm (7)

Basic deck stain applicator 7" is designed for smaller, simpler decks. Proprietary Flextech™ hygroscopic, tear-resistant foam pad holds and releases more stain than other pads and prevents dripping and pooling.  Non-replaceable pad. Pad is reusable only if water based stain is used.
Edging guides provide clean, crisp edges and keep stain off siding. Attaches to mr. longarm extension pole for ease of use
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Premier Deck Stain Applicator 12

Premium Stain Applicator (12in) is our top of the line staining solution. Its extra wide pad stains two boards at once resulting to double productivity. The built in gap tool helps you easily reach hard to access spaces like between boards. The hook and loop system allows for faster clean up and easy reattachment of the tear-resistant foam pads. Proprietary Flextech™ hygroscopic, tear-resistant foam pad holds and releases more stain than other pads and prevents dripping and pooling.
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Contour Stain Applicator 23cm (9)

Pad flexes in and out to stain contoured surfaces. Proprietary Flextech™ hygroscopic, tear-resistant foam pad holds and releases more stain than other pads. Barrier prevents stain from leaking through pad and onto hands. Soft touch grip areas for secure handling.
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Flex Core Stain Applicator

Flex core fingers shape the pad to fill in uneven surfaces and ensure even coverage. Proprietary Flextech™ hygroscopic, tear-resistant foam pad holds and releases more stain than other pads. soft touch grip areas for secure handling or use with Mr. longarm extension pole.
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Trim Smart Paint Edger

Hand held or attaches to an extension pole. For trimming around ceilings, baseboards and woodwork. Replaceable flocked foam paint pad for water base and oil. Base paints.
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Corner Painter

 Corner painter paints corners in less time than other methods. Hand held or attaches to an extension pole. Replaceable flocked foam paint pad for water base and oil base paints
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