Mould Remediation


Moldstat PLUS

This American Manufactured product is an alternative to bleach.  This fungicide, mildew-cide, disinfectant, and sanitizer eliminates a broad range of bacteria, including mold and mildew and is formulated for the mold remediation and restoration professional.


So Safe Surface Revival

SoSafe mould removal products for exterior and interior surfaces are proven products, designed to remove and prevent algae, mould and mildew in problem areas. SoSafe mould remover products are gentle on surfaces and are easy to use.

So Safe Surface Revival Empty Bottle with witches Hat

To use the so Safe external Revival . Can buy Canyon triggers that will fit onto this threaded bottle.

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Lencia Spray and Forget Bath and shower cleaner Maintainer

Spray and forget,bathroom cleaner concentrate *with natural mildewicide/mouldicide.



Clean n' Easy BC-36 Mould & Mildew Killer

Chemtech BC36 Mould and Mildew Killer works effectively on mould, mildew, moss and algae that grow in moist, warm or high humidity areas.


Bathroom or Kitchen Mould and Mildew Spray and Wipe

Enzyme Wizard Mould and Mildew is a concentrated formula specifically blended for mold and mildew remediation. All purpose bathroom kitchen spray and wipe.


Diggers Eco In-ground Timber Protecta

Diggers Eco In-Ground Timber Protecta is a non hazardous ‘creosote alternative’ that provides a tough bitumen coating to improve protection against moisture and deterioration on timber and masonry surfaces.

Simple Green Indoor Mould Stain Remover RTU 946ml Spray

It is a safer solution to removing mould and algae from your shower tiles without having to inhale those harsh fumes that other mould removers produce.
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