Bathrooms & Showers


Cleaners Supermarket® Thick Bathroom Cleaner

Thick Chlorinated Bathroom Cleaner for sinks, showers, tiles and baths. It's thick formula acts quickly to remove mould and mildew, soap scum and body fats.

Sparkle Daily Shower Clean Spring 750ml

This will help your shower clean,shine, soap scum free, mould free and freshly scented.
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Earthsmart Total Bathroom Cleaner

A readily biodegradable, non hazardous, dilutable detergent for use in all areas of the bathroom.

Septone Citrus Power Washroom Cleaner 5L and 20L

Citrus Based Cleaner from orange oil extract. Citrus Power removes soap scum, calcium scale, bathroom plaque, grime and stains from bathroom surfaces, reviving the sparkle to the surfaces.

Vitality Complete Washroom Maintainer

Complete Washroom Maintainer. For daily washroom and toilet maintenance. Removes soap scum, rust stains and calcium films from toilet bowls, urinals, baths, basins and ceramic tiled surfaces.

Zest Bathroom and Washroom Cleaner 5L

Zest is suitable for cleaning in toilet bowls, wash basins, showers, urinals, floors and walls.


Splash Total Washroom Cleaner - Alpine and Caress Fragrances

A total washroom maintainer that removes soap scum and calcium haze on glass, chrome and vitreous surfaces. Fresh fragrance.  

Unique Non Acid Washroom Cleaner - Research Products

Specialised non-acid cleaner formulated for use on Marble, Granite, Stone bathroom surfaces. It is also suitable for most other bathroom surfaces, including glass.


Powergel Chlorinated Stain and Mould Remover - Research Products

Powerful gel clings to surface. Heavy duty cleaner for removal of mould and rust stains.


Domestos Disinfectant Cleaner -Regular and Mountain Fresh

A high performance hospital grade disinfectant cleanser and bleach to kill germs, dirt, mould and filth.

Sansol Foaming Bathroom Cleaner

Foaming Bathroom/Washroom Cleaner. Ideal for use with foaming gun or manual application.

Jasol Shower Kleen

Bathroom Cleaner / Disinfectant. 3% Available Chlorine. Deodorises, disinfects, kills and removes stubborn mould & mildew, removes soap residue, pleasant fragrance.


Lencia Spray and Forget Bath and shower cleaner Maintainer

Spray and forget,bathroom cleaner concentrate *with natural mildewicide/mouldicide.



Zest Washroom Cleaner

Unique and innovative product for total washroom and toilet cleaning care. Fiercely effective, yet gentle action removes lime, hard water scale, rust and waste products from all washroom surfaces.

3 Way General Purpose Washroom Cleaner 5L

3 Way General Purpose Washroom Cleaner is a phosphoric acid based general purpose bathroom cleaner.
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Crew Bathroom Cleaner And Scale Remover JF 2.5L

A mildly-acidic liquid cleaner specifically developed to remove soap scum and hard water deposits from most restroom surfaces.
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Cream R7 Non Abrasive Cream Cleanser

A versatilve, non-abrasive creme cleanser for water-resistanthard surfaces.
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Crew Shower Tub &Tile JF Toilet Cleaner 2.5L

This is an effective toilet and washroom cleaner.

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Crew Bathroom Cleaner And Scale Remover JFill 1.5L

A mild acidic-based cleaner formulated for regular use to remove and prevent build-up of lime, scale and soap scum on protein and metal bathroom fixtures, tiles, shower doors, toiled and any other washable surfaces. It is Green Seal certified.
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Crew Shower Tub and Tile JFLEX | Bathroom Cleaner 1.5L

Cleaner for use in washrooms, showers and other areas associated with frequent water use.
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Cream R7 Disinfectant Chlorinated Cleanser 750ML

Chlorinated non-abrasive creme cleanser that whitens and disinfects as it cleans.
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Diggers Calcium Lime and Rust Remover 1L

Diggers Calcium Lime & Rust Remover is a convenient, powerful ‘industrial strength’, cleaner designed for domestic and commercial use.
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Diggers Drain Cleaner 1 Litre

Diggers Drain cleaner is a clear, odourless and colourless liquid that helps remove blockages, hair and unwanted odours as it goes straight to the problem to clear fully or partly blocked drains in two easy steps.
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Diggers Drain Cleaner Concentrate 500g

Diggers Drain Cleaner Concentrate is a fast acting granulated formulation that when dissolved penetrates straight to the problem to clear fully or partly blocked drains, hair and remove unwanted odours.
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Bathroom or Kitchen Mould and Mildew Spray and Wipe

Enzyme Wizard Mould and Mildew is a concentrated formula specifically blended for mold and mildew remediation. All purpose bathroom kitchen spray and wipe.

Vileda Magical Water Repellent

How to deal with problems on water marks which leaves dirt and marks after you finished cleaning?

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Bathroom Magic Anti-bacterial Bathroom Cleaner

Biodegradable and non-hazardous antibacterial bathroom cleaner. It cuts through grime, dirt and soap scum in the bathroom with ease.

Spa Bath Magic 3-in-1 Spa Bath Cleaner

Essential cleaner & degreaser for spa baths that is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Bathroom Cleaner Pink Grapefruit

Antibacterial bathroom cleaner. It cuts through soapscum, dirt and watermarks found in your bathroom.

Actichem Refresh Total Bathroom Cleaner

Actichem's AP770 Refresh is a mildly acidic, clean-all washroom detergent formulated to remove soap scum, limescale, body oils and general grime.

Sparkle for Mould 750ml

Effectively kills mould and germs fast in the bathroom, shower and toilet.
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Simple Green Lime Scale Remover - Ready to Use

Simple Green Lime Scale Remover is an effective cleaner for dissolving and removing mineral deposits, hard water marks and soap scum without traditional harmful acids and phosphorous.

Simple Green 3.78 L Clean Building Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate 3.78L

Simple Green Clean Building Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate is a cost-effective, non-toxic and biodegradable bathroom cleaner that removes lime scale, mineral deposits, soap scum and hard water stains without harsh chemicals.
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Simple Green Bathroom Cleaner Ready to Use Spray 946ml

Simple Green Ready to Use Bathroom Cleaner is specifically formulated to effectively dissolve and remove lime scale, soap scum, and water mineral deposits from sinks, toilets, tubs, ceramic tile, shower and faucet fixtures, glass shower doors, chrome and stainless steel.
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Simple Green Indoor Mould Stain Remover RTU 946ml Spray

It is a safer solution to removing mould and algae from your shower tiles without having to inhale those harsh fumes that other mould removers produce.
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Simple Green Outdoor Cleaner

Simple Green Outdoor Cleaner a safer solution to eliminate the fast re-growth of moss and mould in outdoor areas where there is not enough sunlight or air movement.