Purell Range

PURELL is a refreshing hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of most common germs in as little as 15 seconds, without soap, water or towels.

PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer Personal Pump 60mL

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Handy 60ml pump spray bottle that can be used with optional Belt Clip Below. Ideal to use as an personal infection control measure while always at hand. Waterless, non toxic and safe hand gel helps reduce the risks of cross infection.

Effectively kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts and moulds. Dries to provide a sterile solution without the need for water. Ideal for hand cleansing in schools, colleges, hospitals and workplace. A must for the conscious worker or traveler.  

PURELL® Retractable Clip for 60ml Pump Pack

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Ensure PURELL is always within reach with the PURELL Personal Gear Retractable Clip. It attaches easily to clothing, school uniforms and bags. Holds the 60mL Flip-top or Pump-pack PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer.

Bottle not included

PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottles

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This alcohol-based hand sanitizer works in as little as 15 seconds, with no water or towels needed. Provides unprecedented germ kill while soothing hands and maintaining skin health.
PURELL Advanced is enhanced with four different skin conditioning agents that help maintain skin health—skin moisture and improves overall skin feel.

PURELL® Pal Desk Caddy for 240mL Pump Bottle

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Put a PURELL Pal on the desktop ... where the germs are. Holds a 240mL bottle of PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer.

Bottle not included.

PURELL® Hand Sanitiser Foam 535mL Pump Bottle

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Purell Hand Sanitiser Foam is the world's first Green Certified Hand Sanitiser. The power of Purell, America's #1 instant hand sanitiser, in a non-aerosol foaming formula. Kills 99.999% of most common germs that cause illness.

Thick, rich foam formula stays on your hands.


PURELL® ADX 7 Hand Sanitising Foam 700ml Refill

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Scientifically advanced, patent-pending Foam formulation outperforms other hand sanitisers. Purell Advanced Green Certified Gel kills 99.99 percent of most common germs on hands.

Bio-based formulation meets environmental leadership and proven performance. Fragrance-free and dye-free. Hand sanitiser is clinically proven to help maintain skin health with a nourishing blend of four skin conditioners. Use with latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves.

PURELL® LTX 7 Hand Sanitising Foam 700mL Refill

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PURELL Hand Sanitizer Foam Refill is a Hand sanitiser foam that contains ingredients made from natural renewable resources. Kills more than 99.99% of most common germs.
Green certified. Meets EcoLogo hand sanitizer standard for environmental leadership and proven performance.

PURELL® LTX White 700 ml Touch Free Sanitiser Dispenser

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Compact, Slim, and Sleek the 700ml Hand Santising Automatic Dispenser LTX -7 is ideal for tight spaces. Offering an amazing and unheard of Lifetime Performance Guarantee; including batteries we think it's the best on the market offering both Foam and Gel Hand Sanitisers.

PURELL® NXT Instant Hand Sanitizer 1 Litre Bladder Bag Refill Carton of 8

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PURELL is a refreshing hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of most common germs in as little as 15 seconds, without soap, water or towels. 


PURELL® NXT Instant Hand Sanitizer Branded NXT Dispenser

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A compact design, 1000 ml wall-mounted dispenser and refill. Integrates into most every decor for convenient placement wherever germs are.

PURELL® TFX Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Foam 1200 ml

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The power of PURELL in a non-aerosol foaming formula. Kills 99.99% of most common germs. Thick, rich foam formula stays on your hands.  Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified. Contains moisturizers to help keep skin hydrated.

PURELL® TFX Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Gel 1200 ml

Carton of 4
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Fast-acting alcohol-based hand rub that’s convenient and easy to use. No water or towels needed. Certified by GECA™, the Australian certification office for Environmental Choice Australia, Green Seal™ and EcoLogo™ to meet their joint standard (GS-41/CCD-104) for hand cleaners and hand soaps.

PURELL® TFX Touch Free Dispenser

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Touch-free, trouble free dispensing system for PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer. Can be used with PURELL in its original gel form or with PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam. Automatically dispenses PURELL. Nothing for the user to touch. Holds a large, 1200 mL refill.

PURELL® TFX Touch free Dispenser - Chrome

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High capacity 1200mL dispenser is ideal for high traffic areas. Lifetime Performance Guarantee; including batteries.
GOJO SMART ELECTRONICS technology minimizes energy use per actuation, eliminating need to change batteries over the life of the system in most installations. Large sight window, skylight and clear refill bottles make it easy to check fill status.

PURELL® TFX Tabletop Dispenser

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Highly visible so people use it! Movable from location to location! Take it where you go. Ideal Purell Desk Stand - Ideal for Entrances of Restaurants, Lobby in Buildings, Hospitals, Medical Centres, Banks, Offices, Conference Centres and anywhere hand Sanitising is Encouraged to reduce the spread of Germs.

PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer Sanitizing Station, incl. 1 Litre Touch Free Dispenser

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This free-standing unit offers the combination of a PURELL Touch Free Dispenser and a sturdy, movable stand for use in high-traffic locations. Select your option of plastic or chrome finish TFX automatic touch free dispenser.

Purell Fmx Dispenser Refill - Hand Sanitiser 70% Gel and Foam

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PURELL in a thick, rich non-aerosol foaming formula that eliminates 99.99% of most common germs. Its 70% ethyl alcohol formula is free of fluorinated chemicals and contains moisturisers to help keep skin hydrated. 
GOJO SANITARY SEALED™ refill helps lock out germs. It has durable, recyclable PET bottle uses 30% less material than standard rigid HDPE.  Patent pending GOJO CONTROLLED COLLAPSE technology keeps bottle shape longer while emptying. Crystal clarity for visual appeal and easier monitoring of fill level. Fresh dispensing valve with each refill. Removable pump promotes easier recycling.

Purell Tfx Sanitizing Station - Chrome Finish

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Freestanding stations makes PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitiser available anywhere. It is ideal for high traffic areas or wherever crowds gather. For use with TFX™ and LTX-12™ dispensers. Dispensers and refills sold separately.

Purell Instant Hand Sanitiser Personal Bottle 30ml

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PURELL ADVANCED is a breakthrough formulation for total hand hygiene. It combines unprecedented antimicrobial efficiency that is bactericidal, virucidal (including norovirus), fungicidal, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal and mycobactericidal.

A convenient way to kill germs on hands anytime, anywhere.
Contains moisturisers to help hands feel soft and refreshed.
No rinsing required, no towels needed.  It is perfect for pocket and handbag, etc.


Purell Instant Hand Sanitiser Personal Bottle with Rubberised Frame

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A convenient 1-oz. flip top cap bottle, clinically proven effective in helping to maintain skin health – skin moisture and skin feel.
It can be attached to purses, belt, backpacks, key chains, diaper bags or gym bags, and goes along where your life takes you. It can kill the most germs. Just squirt of PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills as many germs as 2 squirts of any other national brand. It is enhanced with four nourishing skin-conditioning agents, a skin-friendly formulation that’s mild on hands.

Purell Branded Fmx Dispenser 1200ml - Dove Grey

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Dove Gray Purell Dispenser that can hold a 1200 mL sealed refill in a remarkably small footprint. It is ideal for locations where a smaller, more traditional dispenser is preferred. Features skylight with an extra-large site window.
It has one hand push operation. It has optional key lock included. ADA compliant for away-from-sink placement.

Purell White - White ADX 7 Manual Dispenser

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PURELL® White ADX manual dispenser with a compact design which  is suitable for tight spaces. It has large sight window, skylight and crystal clear refill bottles make it easy to check fill status.
It converts to a locking dispenser at any time by simply removing the key from inside the dispenser. ADA compliant for protrusion into walkways. Lifetime guarantee. Patent pending CONTROLLED COLLAPSE refill bottles hold their shape as they empty for a more attractive overall appearance. Its removable pump makes recycling easy. SANITARY SEALED™ refills are made of durable, recyclable PET material, using 30% less plastic than rigid HDPE bottles. It is a manual dispenser, hence, it does not require batteries for operation. Dimension is 9.79" tall x 3.94" wide x 3.67" deep.

Purell TFX Instant Hand Sanitizer 1200ml Ctn4

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Kills more than 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness