Bona Spray Mop System with Refillable Cartridge

A cleaning system comprising a mop with a spray unit built into the handle, a cleaning pad and a ready to use detergent designed for finished timber flooring in an 850 ml cartridge. This helps keep the floor clean and to help prevent premature wear!

Bona Refillable Cartridge to Fit Spray Mop

Refill cartridge for Bona Spray mop.


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Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Refill

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is specially formulated for sealed wooden floors. This is a convenient, ready to use, pH neutral, spray-on cleaner which is also suitable for laminate, waxed and oiled floors. 

Bona Refresher 1 Litre

Bona Refresher is a ready-to-use waterborne polyurethane based product designed for the on-going maintenance of finished timber floors.

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Bona Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner

A ready to use pH-neutral detergent specifically formulated for cleaning vinyl, stone, laminate and tile floors with no dull residue.