Hovex is a proudly owned Australian brand that focuses purely on providing highly effective, innovative, value pest solutions for Australians. Hovex was first seen as a Brand in 1949.

Hovex has developed products to control the following segments. Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths, Silverfish, Wasps, Spiders, Ants, Fleas, Cockroaches, Ticks, Rodents, Bed Bugs

The Hovex brand has been built on 3 simple principles - effectiveness, innovation, and value.

The Hovex Brand has evolved through the years as well, to the brand you now see on your supermarket and hardware shelves today.

Hovex Pantry Moth Trap

A non-toxic, powerful effective trap that attracts and captures pantry moths in your kitchen, cupboard and pantry.


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Hovex Moth Balls 18g

Hovex Moth Balls is a simple, easy to use, highly effective and traditional way of protecting your clothes and important papers, from moths and silverfish.

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Hovex Mosquito Repel Coils

Australia's first extra strength mosquito coils which are boosted with citronella oil for additional effectiveness.

Hovex Permethrin Ant Killer 500g

It effectively control of ants, fleas and bed bugs. It is suitable for use on floors, in cupboards, both indoors & outdoors.

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Hovex Ultra Low Odour Termite Concentrate 1L

Hovex Ultra Low Odour Termite Concentrate is an effective, strong, simple solution for killing termites and other insects around the home.
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Hovex Clothing Protectors

A lavender fragranced, non toxic, effective clothing moth repellent around your home.
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Hovex Termite Defender 2L

A ready to use timber preservative and fungicide, for pre treatment and remedial treatment of timber against wood borers, termites, mould, algae and fungi.

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Hovex Vaporgard Bin Insect Killer

Bin Insect killer has a fresh citrus scent. It controls flies for up to 12 weeks when secured inside your wheelie bin.
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Hovex Vaporgard Clothing Moth Killer 2 Pack

It protects your clothes in your wardrobe for 3 months, leaving it smelling fresh.

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