Drain Clean

When either of your kitchen sink, septic, bathroom drains or toilet starts to slowly drain or even clogged, Drain Clean products work perfectly for you.

Check on our different drain cleaner range below for more information on how each product can help you solve drainage problem.

Drain Clean Liquid 1 Litre

It is an affordable and effective solution for clogged sink or drain. It works deep down through water and find its way down to the blocked area to break through organic waste, fats, grease and dirt.
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Drain Clean Crystals

A fast acting caustic based, powerful crystals specially formulated to open blocked or slow drains from fats, food residue, grease, hair, or soap scums.

Drain Clean Hair Unclogger 2L

Drain Clean Hair Unclogger has a powerful, fast acting formulation to dissolve hair in slow running or clogged bathroom drains.
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Drain Clean Liquid Enzyme Cleaner 1 Litre

It is an eco-friendly  drain opener which contains live bacteria that have been selected for their appetites for fats, grease, oils and soap scum that often caused clogged drains.

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Drain Clean Root Control Crystals 1kg

Drain Clean Root Control Crystals prevents and clears root blocked drains. The powder dissolves where they are most needed and decompose the roots.
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Drain Clean Root Control Tablets 114g

Easy to use tablets that is effective in preventing and clearing root blocked drains in sewer pipes in and around the home.
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Drain Clean Septic Treatment and Cleaner 1 Litre

Drain Clean Septic Treatment is efficient in reducing smelly odours, preventing slow-flowing drains and even clogged drains or septic system due to waste build-up.
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Drain Clean Active Enzyme Pellets

Drain Clean Active Enzyme Pellets is a natural eco-friendly and biological enzyme design to prevent and clear build up of organic waste including fats, hair, soap and grease.

Drain Clean Ultra Gel Kit 1 Pack

This drain cleaner kit uses an easy two simple step process that can clear even the most difficult blockages.
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