Anti-Microbial, Anti Mosquito, Anti Bed Bug, Anti Dust Mite

MediTech 4 Litre

Professional super strength anti-microbial recommended for use in badly affected water damage situations.
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BioTech 4 Litre

Professional product with super strength anti-microbial recommended for use in badly affected water damage situations.
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BacTech 4 Litre

Economical anti-microbial based product recommended for use in water damage situations for control of mildew and other odours associated with bacterial and microbial growth.

Premier Stain Repellent 4 Litre

Premier Stain Repellent is proudly Australian made.
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Pet-X 375 ml

If you love your pet - but not their odour - Pet-X is the ideal solution. Pet-X immediately neutralises odours and kills dangerous bacteria caused by pet soiling.
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Spot-X 375 ml

Quickly and safely remove stubborn spots and stains from your carpet with Spot-X.
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Anti Mosquito Premium Protection 250ML

Protection for humans against biting mosquitos. Protects for months. Protects against malaria and dengue fever. No need for chemicals on your skin.
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Anti Bed Bug Premium Protection 250 ml

Protection for humans against bed bugs. Protects for months Prevents reproduction and eliminates bed bugs.
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Anti Dust Mite Premium Protection 250 ml

Protection for humans against dust mites. Protection for months. Ideally suited for people with asthma.
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Anti Mould Premium Protection 200 ml

Mould Kills Fabrics and Textiles! Mould and mildew is unsightly and causes irreversible damage to textiles. Ideally suited to camping and boating gear.
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Anti Bacterial Premium Protection 250 ml

Protect your family against infection. Protects for months. Reduces cross infection and excesses of bacteria. No need for chemicals a your skin.
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Water Proofer Premium Protection 250 ml

Repels water, stains and reduces mould spores on jackets, coats, umbrellas, tents, socks, boots, car seats and other fabrics.
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Off Skintastic Insect Repellent Spray 175ML

Insect Repellent Spray with Picaridin highly effective, yet gentle to skin- a softly scented, non grease formulation.
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Raid Commercial Residual Surface Spray - Insecticide 450gm

Raid residual Surface spray is specially formulated to kill crawling insects with a residual action. 
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Raid Fast Kill | Low Irritant Insecticide Aerosol Spray 300Gm

RAID Fast Kill/Low Insecticide is a chemical insecticide that comes in an aerosol that is specially formulated to kill flying insects without the risk of staining wood and fabrics.
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Raid Commercial Odourless Insecticide Aerosol - FLY and Insect Killer 400Gm

This is the perfect choice for any food establishment because it has NO fragrance.

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