Top Coat Sealers

Plaza Plus High Performance Sealer 5L

High performance sealer suitable even for highly alkaline
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Synergy Sealer Finish 5L

Synergy is excellent for use on vinyl hard floor surfaces and can be used on terrazzo, granite, tiles and slate. It has been awarded the ‘Innovation Award’ at the October 2014 Ausclean meeting in Melbourne.
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Diggers Pale Boiled Linseed Oil

Diggers Pale Boiled Linseed Oil is a treated linseed oil with added drying agents to speed up drying time. It dries faster than Diggers Raw Linseed Oil.


Diggers Bycol Clear and Dark

Diggers Bycol Clear is an air-entraining admixture used to improve the workability of brickwork mortars and concrete mixes.



Diggers Pavex Sealer

Diggers Pavex is a uv stabilised, proven non-yellowing formula specially formulated sealer for pavers and masonry surfaces.


Diggers Raincoat Sealer Water Repellent

Diggers RainCoat™ is an invisible, unique silicone based, water repelling surface treatment for all types of masonry.

Diggers Showercoat Sealer 500ml

Diggers ShowerCoat is a clear silicone based, invisible, water repellent that soaks into hairline cracks, porous tiles and grout to seal tiles without making them slippery.
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Diggers Slate Sealer

Diggers Slate Sealer is an acrylic-resin surface sealant that dries to a strong and highly durable finish. It dries to a clear gloss finish and enhances the colour of the slate.