Combination Tools

Tired of constantly changing between your squeegee and washer?

Combination tools are designed to make your life easier! Buy putting your squeegee and washer on the same handle, you can wash your window, and squeegee it dry with a quick flick of the wrist. This especially useful when working at heights and you don't want to muck around with two poles.


Ettore Backflip Combination Tool

  • Squeegee and Washer in one unit.
  • You can work it as a separate washer and separate squeegee.
  • Back to back for pole work
  • Front to front for one pass washing & squeegeeing.

Unger Visa Versa Combination Tool

• Convenient: Fast performance – without changing!
• Safe: Locks in place – no twisting, no dropping!
• Quick: Ideal for telescopic pole!

Wagtail Slimline Aluminium Flipper

The Wagtail Flipper is a tool that has completely revolutionized squeegee design. It was made with the purpose of reducing operator strain and providing a better, faster clean.

Wagtail Orbital Aluminium Flipper

Speedy and inexpensive alternative. Mop and Squeegee in one. Alternates between modes in less than a second. Non scratching and robust. Great for most cleaning applications. Comes complete with rubber and pad.

Wagtail PC (Pivot Control) Flipper

Combination Mop and Squeegee tool with Pivot Control handle and Slimline Channel. Blue high quality microfibre pad flips under blade for washing, flip back for squeegeeing giving light lubrication.


Wagtail Combi

Multi-function tool for inside & outside windows, pole work & floor cleaning capabilities. Includes Pad for simultaneously wash/wipe (one pass) mode and pre-wash/wash/wipe (flipper) mode and clips for high pole work.

Blue Microfibre Pad for Flippers and Combi

Durable microfibre pad for use on both Slimline and Orbital Flippers and Combi


Wagtail Flipper Pad Clips for Orbital Flipper (Set of 2)


Wagtail Flipper Pad Clips for Slimline Flipper (Set of 2)


Wagtail Combi Clips

Clips for Combi pad.

Sabco 2 in 1 Washer Squeegee

This affordable Squeegee and Washer in 1, is mainly designed to cater for home use. Its sleeve is removable and machine washable. Can fit onto a 25mm handle. A microfibre washer that removes dust, dirt and grime; flexible rubber blade for streak-free drying.
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Wagtail Water Fed Forward Flipper 35cm

For flip mop or squeegee
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Wagtail Water Fed Cleaning System 35cm

WF Precision Glide Squeegee, WF Cutting Edge Mop, WF Handle
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