Pivot Limiters

10 Limiter Pins

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Wagtail Hip Dipper

Bucket on a belt with squeezable plastic bag.

Wagtail Erkenomic Flex Pole 31.5 80cm

Compound Angle Pole Tip attached to flexible plastic pole 80cm. Attach your Wagtail tool to the compound angle and you will be able to reach most standard windows from top to bottom without the use of a step ladder or bending down.
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Erkenomic Pole Tip

Compound Angle Pole Tip. Fits into swimming pool poles. Perfect angles for working high or low.
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Wagtail Wet Pivoting Scraper

Pivoting scraper for glass. Adjustable pivot to the angle of window frames. Wet scraper to minimise scratching. Easy blade  and washer pad replacement. Optimal scraping angle to window. Handle easily attaches to extension poles.
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Wagtail Pole Cap

Designed for easy insertion and removal of window cleaning tools from most manufacturers. Fits poles 20 to 22mm in diameter.
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Wagtail Mop Extractor & Bucket Clip

Bucket Clip raises bucket handle to reduce bending. Extractor holds tools upright inside the bucket and removes excess water from mops and applicators.

Wagtail Angle Arm

An extremely versatile attachment. Gives extra reach, improves access to awkward surfaces and adapts Wagtail products for use on floors.
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Wagtail Orbit

The Orbit helps you pivot water fed brushes to reach into corners and over obstacles without the need to be directly in line with the working area.  Fits most brushes.
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Erkenomic Extension Pole 240cm

120cm (4') collapsed to 240cm (8') extended. This extension pole suits well with the Wagtail window cleaning equipment.
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Wagtail Pivoting Z-Bar Mop with Sleeve

“Z” Profile bar for getting into edges, pivoting handle for all angles and replaceable microfibre sleeve. Available in 14" (35cm) and 18" (45cm).

Wagtail Floor Scrubber Pad

This floor scrubber pad attaches by Velcro® to the Slimline Flipper. This microfibre floor pad can effectively clean the area without the use of any harsh chemicals. 

Wagtail Swayless Stackable Extension Poles Up To 28 ' 8.5m

The benefits of using this is designed from the ground up to 28 feet.

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Wagtail Water Fed Brush Converter Handle Kit 35cm

It includes WF handle and Angle Arm
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Wagtail 10M Water Fed Tubing with Connector

10 metres PVC tubing with hose connector for water fed cleaning.
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Wagtail Thick Pad for Curved Scrubber and T-Bar Mop

Available sizes: 8″ 20CM, 14″ 35CM, 18″ 45CM

Wing Tips for Precision Glide Squeegee 5 Pairs

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